Marketing and the Potato


As we’re talking about marketing this month, Rebecca and Heather are going to look at what different mediums have done to successfully gain viral attention. In doing so, we will break down what it was about these marketing ideas that we found so memorable, and look at how they would translate to literary world.

We’ve broken these marketing ploys down into four key areas.



These were the ideas that piqued the interest of the target audience by withholding information. By only providing part of the picture, the consumers were left searching for more pieces of the puzzle which generated hype and global reach across social media.

Cards Against Humanity’s 30 second Super Bowl ad that was a single shot of a potato with the word ‘Advertisement’ etched into it. It sent Twitter into a frenzy as people tried to decipher what it was about.


Yes this is the real ad

The Matrix and u: hygiene products used a similar concept. The Matrix advertising posed a single question–‘What is the Matrix?’ and had a site set up devoted to the furthering the riddle.


Every question needs an answer.


The VIP Experience

Making your consumer feel extra special is a great promotional tool and can create lifetime loyal followers. Everyone loves exclusivity, we all want to be a part of that little club. As a whole, people have the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ mentality, we all want more, and when given the opportunity to get something extra that no one else has, we more often than not jump at that chance. So using this main trait to your marketing advantage would be wise.

For example, Skyrim offered up free games for life, but the catch was you had to name your baby that happened to be born on the games release day the main protagonists name… Dovahkiin. You didn’t need to be one of the two people who actually went ahead and won this prize to be drawn to the weirdness of it.

You don’t have to offer up anything this dramatic, limited editions, and VIP tickets are also great draws, with youtube unboxing a few simple extras thrown in with your advanced copy can be the star of the show.



Get people involved. Get them out looking, talking, generating excitement. Your audience are the ones who can get word of mouth happening in a big way and usually drive awareness the most.

A great example of this was Bioshock 2s launch when they created ten promotional images and hid them in wine bottles. These bottle were placed on ten random beaches worldwide with clues for their fandom on where to find them. Kind of like what Willie Wonka did with his golden tickets.

You could do something as simple as a blog post scavenger hunt with a prize for the winner. Facebook launch parties get the word out there, and Instagram is a good tool to get people taking pictures with your book on launch day.

Resident Evil utilised a gruesome scavenger hunt where the winner would receive a trip to Africa. Which leads us into our next point.


Shock Value (Trigger Warning for extreme gore)

Resident Evil rules shock value. Shocking your consumer either works for or against you, but either way it generates conversation.

With the scavenger hunt, body parts were scattered around Trafalgar Square in London. This gained media attention, and freaked out the onlookers who weren’t involved in the stunt.

Resident Evil 6 went a step further with a butcher’s shop in London’s famous meat-market Smithfield, selling ‘human meat’. The proceeds of these sales went to the Limbless Associate, a U.K. charity for amputees and other who have lost limbs.


Now, obviously you don’t need to go to these extremes, but pushing the envelope so your marketing ideas go against the grain of what society deems ‘acceptable’ or ‘expected’ is one way to get people talking.

The most important part of marketing is to be memorable.


Facebook + Giveaways + Fun!

There’s no trying to hide it; here at Aussie Owned and Read, we really are a social bunch of creatures. After all, that’s how this blog first started almost two years ago now — with a group of women who not only liked books a whole heap, but who also liked each other.

Over time, we’ve come to love interacting with our bloggership, too (which sounds alien-like, and may not be a real word, but we’re willing to roll with it anyway). We do know, however, that we’ve let our Facebook presence slide. And that’s why … Drum roll, please …

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We are having a HUGE FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY! When we reach 400 Facebook page likes, we will be giving away a stack of books at random to some of our likers. How fun is that?

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And, because we can all use a laugh, join us for Friday Funnies, where you can post a meme, a scene, or something that has cracked you up this week.

Of course, you’re welcome to post anything on our page at any time; we just see this as extra opportunities for us to hang out with you (and who knows? We may be giving out random prizes as time goes on, too).

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Happy birthday to us … COME PLAY ON OUR BLOG HOP

IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! We’re very excited to announce that today, Aussie Owned and Read turns one on a day that is so quintessentially Aussie, it hurts: Straya Day, mate.

We’re celebrating the land down under with a huge prize giveaway and a blog hop, featuring some of our closest blog friends, who will all be posting on what they love about Australian literature.

Us Aussies are good at lamingtons AND literature Photo: Big Stock Photo

Us Aussies are good at lamingtons AND literature
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So what are you waiting for? Hop around and see some of the best our sunburnt country has produced.

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