Blasting into the Past

Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres, and not just because I enjoy writing it! It has to be one of the most wide ranging and encompassing genres available. From Europe to the Americas, to Asia, and Africa, even the Pacific, Hist Fic can tell tales of any culture or nation in the world, add into that thousands of years of time to work with and there’s a smorgasbord of potential stories to be explored.

My favorite thing about Hist Fic is learning about other cultures, how they developed, and why people within them do and feel in current times due to those historical influences. There’s so many sub genres within Hist Fic, like Regency, WWI & WWII, American Civil War, but outside of those popular western histories is Native American, South American, Ancient History, Chinese, Japanese and so many more. You can literally travel the world in Hist Fic and meet incredible people that are mere blips in Western culture.

Historical Fiction can also include Mythology. This sub genre is where things get interesting as this too includes myths from all around the world. While most people think of Greece or Rome, I have read some amazing books about Hindus, Native Americans, and Celts. Even Disney with Moana has ventured into this realm.

So, here is some of my favorite Historical Fiction. Click on the links below to see their details and my reviews. What are your favorites, and why do you enjoy Hist Fic?

Mrs. Poe,  The Woman on the Painted Horse,  SarahThe Sword of Attila

Fire of the Covenant,  Horrible Histories,  The Cenote

Souls EntwinedEchoes of Dark and Light


You guys, guest posts are HARD

When I was asked to write guest posts for my upcoming blog tour it took days, weeks, for-freaking-ever! I cried, I screamed, I told my hubby I couldn’t do it. There was even a little bit of this:


It wasn’t until the third night in a row and my voice hoarse from whining “I can’t do this.” That we pinned down the problem.

I’m a writer, an introvert, a listener. I don’t like talking about me. I like listening when other people talk about them, so to write a guest post about me or my book felt really uncomfortable. Just like sitting in a room of people and talking about myself would make me splutter, um, and ah. Once I realized this, things got a whole lot easier. I understood why every single post I started to write turned into a piece of writing advice; my subconscious was steering the topic away from me.

The interviews were easy, they were guided and they weren’t too personal. In most instances. I finally got my way around the guest posts though. After I realized what the problem was, I started approaching them differently. Picking something about my book and sticking to that for the entire post, making sure I didn’t veer off into ‘how to’.  I wrote posts about my bad boy main character, about angst in romance, about my boy next door, and I even wrote about what inspired my story. I think the key to a good guest post is finding something that makes you feel and then running with that topic.

What about you guys… do you find guest posts hard or I am the only wuss?

Wish me luck next week!

Stacey Nash

Stacey Nash is a self proclaimed introvert, currently gearing up for the release of her debut YA Scifi, NEXT WEEK. You can catch her via the usual mediums; website, twitter, facebook, or pinterest.