IT scared me

Welcome to our spooky October month were we are looking at FEAR.

Let’s get this out there to start of with. I.Am.A.Wuss. That’s right. I don’t like scary movies. For some reason I can handle zombies and Supernatural (maybe Sam and Dean have a calming effect on me), but normally scary stuff makes me hide under the bed covers.


But I have read some scary-arse booIt_coverks. Again, not something I do often. When I was younger I went through a Stephen King phase. And the book that kept me up at night and had me being a major scaredy-cat was IT. Oh yeah, clowns in drains messing with kids messed with me.

THINNER and MISERY were also on my reading list then, but they didn’t scare me as such. THINNER definitely freaked me out though. That one was more of a psychological fear unlike the a-clown-might-come-out-of-a-drain-and-kill-me fear that IT created.

dark inside

I moved away from horror, and in general didn’t read it much until a friend of mine, Jeyn Roberts, wrote a book called DARK INSIDE (and the sequel RAGE WITHIN). That had me jumping at things that went bump in the night! It’s the only thing that has come close to IT for me (though I acknowledge that my wussiness status means I haven’t read widely in this genre and I will probably be more likely to check out the Halloween Reads for Cowards).


So obviously, I can’t cut it for recommending reads that might just cause jittery-jumping at late night noises (apart from IT and RAGE WITHIN), but I’m sure you can. What has been your scariest read?

And I’ll just be here shaking like jelly, and NOT going to the IT remake.


Sharon is a wuss91ADDexKlLL__UX250_y writer from sunny Queensland who writes across a range of genres, that does not include horror. She loves spending time with her family and making things with beads when she’s not writing or mentoring writers through groups like Pitch Wars and Teen Pit. Book 1 & 2 of her Open Heart series (YA Speculative Fiction), is out now with City Owl Press. Kick the series off with DIVIDED.

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