The badder the better, and this guy’s the worst.

This month on Aussie Owned and Read we’re talking Villains. Those guys who exist to make things rough for the hero by hopefully having waring goals.

What better way to wind up the month than doing a spotlight on the biggest of the Big Bad?

For us, the worst kind of villain is one who masquerades as a hero. Who genuinely believes in their misguided attempts at goodness. One name in particular springs to mind.

Can you guess who?

The actual puppet master himself: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


“I’m the boss, bitch!”

“But he’s SAH GOOD!” I hear you scream. Don’t worry, I was fooled for years too. So let’s take a closer looker look at his various misdeeds.


Headmaster Duties – because what even is Duty of Care?

Segregates children based on 11-year-old personalities and encourages the belief this somehow defines them for the rest of their lives.

Casually sends kids into a dangerous forrest, allows peeps to keep illegal creatures, and abuses ministry time turners ~


 “Hey Miss Granger” *winks suggestively* “Wanna help me break the law?”

Knowingly! Hires! a Werewolf! (who cares if a kid gets hurt and poor Lupin ends up riddled with guilt for evs?)

Dark Wizard on the loose and can’t hire a decent Dark Arts Teacher EVER in like 7 years!!!! ~ *looks at Dark Arts like geometry* “Eh. Not like they’re ever use this…*

No Triwizard investigation ~ Moody: “Only a powerful wizard could have hoodwinked it[the cup]!” Dumbledore: “I see no cause for alarm, bruh.”

Lets students battle with freaking dragons!%$#

Encourages Quidditch: a dangerous game that encourages belting giant balls at each other to send them falling to their possible deaths ~ “BUT WE HAVE MADAME POMFREY”

Obviously favours Gryffindors and robs Slytherin of the house cup ON PURPOSE ~ “Slytherin win the house cup!” Dumbledore: *sniggers* “Hold my Butterbeer”

(Which leads us to) Rewards students for their stupidity ~


“Thanks for taking on ol’ Voldy. I had a prior engagement”

Turns a blind eye when students are in danger

Has a three headed dog, a basilisk, Lord Voldemort, a troll, a giant spider, and death eaters all enter the castle under his watch ~ “BUT I’M THE BEST HEADMASTA EVA! LOLZ!”

‘Guidance’ of Harry

Leaves him on a doorstop as a baby in the middle of the night and does nothing to help him through a decade of mistreatment by his so called family ~ “It’s just domestic abuse, kid, toughen up!”

Raised Harry like a pig being raised for slaughter ~


“Long live the Chosen One! Lol jks”

General Crumminess

Mistreats an obviously neglected traumatised child leading him to become a villainous asshat all of his own ~ “Tom has problems, you say? Ehh. I have other shit to deal with, he don’t need me”

Withholds important information, like always!

Beffles with Grindelwald–where is this dude’s judge of character?

Totes cool with the rumours circulating about Aberforth and does zero to stop it ~ “But he was mean to me that one time”

Hero finally does what he’s planned him to do and he’s still being cryptic ~ “Thanks for killing yaself, kid. Ima talk in scribbles some more”

Pure Evil

Manipulates a loyal follower into murdering him and taking the blame and being hated and hunted by everyone ever


Treatment of Snape! ~ “Ima keep reminding you of how you killed that girl you loved that one time so you have to do as I say always ROFL”

Possibly and most probably killed his own sister. For the greater good, of course.

Totally his fault James and Lily are dead ~ “Look, ol’ Voldy is looking for you guys, but ima really need that cloak. No probs right?”

Leaves Sirius in a house where he was emotionally abused for years “Totes won’t do anything drastic”


We’re sure there are a tonne more examples, because Dumbledore is the gift that keeps on giving.

In all seriousness though, J.K. Rowling is a master of creating deep, complex characters. I mean, she fooled you, didn’t she?


What other examples can you think of?


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