Oops! I love the villain more!

This month we’re talking about villains. Something that I’ve always found interesting is that when you make a memorable striking villain, that has a decent enough goal to balance the hero and make them believable something strange can happen…

Readers fall for the villain!


On this topic I straight away think of Harry Potter books and Draco in particular. Part of this is that he’s so well written and motivated and part of it is Tom Felton’s acting and portrayal that makes his Draco part of the character for me. There is a lot of fan-fiction written about this bad boy.


Tom Felton as Draco In Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
PHOTO CREDIT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draco_Malfoy


Then there’s the Darkling in the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. He is so bad he’s good and it’s not only Alina who struggles to resist him but the reader too (I mean is he that bad, really?). (mention to the Apparat here too).

Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer even has her own story (Fairest) in the series because she’s so complex and interesting.

They’re appealing and well driven I think the villain can become popular when the hero/heroine is genuinely caring for them. It’s hard, then, not to follow suit as a reader. It makes for excellent tension and a great read if, maybe, we’d like the villain to win just a little bit.

Who’s your loveable villain?



beck nicholas_ bec sampson

I always wanted to write. I’ve worked as a lab assistant, a pizza delivery driver and a high school teacher but I always pursued my first dream of creating stories. Now, I live with my family near Adelaide, halfway between the city and the sea, and am lucky to spend my days (and nights) writing young adult fiction.


  1. I’m always, always, falling for ‘vilains’ – there are of course despicable ones you want to strangle, but the dark characters in a book always get me.
    Rhysand – a Court of Thorne and Roses (of course, he turns out to be good later, but you know, initial impressions.
    Damon – the vampire diaries
    I cant even think of them all.
    It’s probably why I often write in characters out to destroy / kill my protagonist but end up turning into the good guy



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