Spring Cleaning Your Stories

November is Spring Cleaning month at Aussie Owned & Read. This month we will be looking at different ways you apply spring cleaning to your writing.

If you’re an author like me, you write because your imagine runs wild. Sometimes I people watch and create weird stories a scenario. Like when I was at a charity ball and I saw two security guards heading for the main room doors while I was existing to get some money from the ATM. My mind jumped to the fun conclusion that I was about to be John McLean as these bad-arse looking dudes were about to take everyone hostage. I do make myself laugh at the absurd tangents my mind goes on sometimes.

And if you are like me, with this weird imagination, you may end up with a truck load of plot bunnies and a number of unfinished manuscripts. If you’re not participating in NaNo, then this is a perfect time to spring clean out your writing.

How can you do this?

  1. Make a spreadsheet of all of your unfinished stories (ones that a both partial written, as well as in draft) and include the category, genre and current word count.
  2. Rank the stories in the spreadsheet based on your level of desirability to continue with them.
  3. Create a schedule (if you’ve got yourself into this situation you are likely easily distracted by shiny new things and have trouble sticking to a schedule – but it’s worth a try) to determine which story you want to work on next. You may want to consider which stories are closest to completion, or which ones are closest to your heart.
  4. Enlist Alpha readers to keep you accountable.
  5. Start writing/revising!

Sharon JohnstonSharon M. Johnston is a Young Adult and New Adult author from sunny Queensland. She loves her family, her fur babies, and writing intriguing stories.

Her novels DIVIDED and SHATTERED are out now with City Owl Press.


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