My dad, my writing and his poetry

My father influenced my love of literature. He would read to my sister and me a lot when


My Dad, me (left) and my sister.

we were growing up. I remember the three of us snuggled together as Dad would read out loud fables and the like. He fostered our love of books, and continued the tradition with my children as well.

About seven years ago, my dad asked me if I was writing a vampire story when he found out I was attempting to write a novel, and was genuinely surprised when I said no. I didn’t share my secret writing with my parents until I was working on my novel. I’d written poetry and short stories before that. I don’t know why I didn’t tell them. And it’s something I shared with my dad.

Dad was a poet. But he did like to share them. He would write the poem out, as though to get it out of his head, and then throw it away. Until my mum convinced him to let her keep some. He write a children’s rhyming book about a bunyip and did the illustrations in an exercise book. I adore that story.

My dad and I were very different personality wise, but our love of the written word is a bond we will always share, even now he’s gone. While Dad wouldn’t want the fuss, I’m going to share some of his poems that he wrote about me and my sister. They are simple poems, but they mean so much to me. I hope they make you smile too.

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Sharon is a Young Adult and New Adult author from sunny Queensland, who has a thing for unicorns and cats. She plays far too much Pokemon Go, and gets up early in the morning to take down gyms when she could use that time for writing. She loves chatting to people on Twitter so come and say hi!

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