Top Five Bookish Gifts for Blokes

Although Father’s Day is over for another year, at least in Australia, there are always other gift-giving occasions on the horizon. So here are some ideas for gifts for the bookish man in your life — be that your father, husband, brother or son.

Or, you know, these gifts could be for yourself, whether or not you’re a bloke. Because self-love is important and the notion of gendered gifts is a bit last-century anyway. 😉


I’ve blogged about awesome bookends before, but that was a couple of years ago, and even if you’ve bought all of them by now surely you need more, right? Check out this little beauty by Fred & Friends. It’s called “The End”, which is pretty much perfect. Run, little bookend guy, run!


Available from Fred & Friends

Bookwear for work

Or maybe the person you’re buying for doesn’t need bookends because they’ve filled up all their bookshelves with (quite rightly) books. How about a bookish accessory, something to wear in the office? This tie from Alynn would definitely impress the boss. At least, it would impress me if I were the boss!

Ex Libris tie

Available from Alynn

Bookwear for play

Maybe the man in your life hates ties, or works with heavy machinery where a tie would be a workplace health and safety risk. If that’s the case, how about this adorable “Storytellers” T-shirt by vector artist Maxim Cyr, available from Threadless? Look at all the little books? There’s a Harry Potter, and a Charlotte’s Web, and aaaaah!


Available from Threadless

Bookish accessories

Or maybe he has (or you have!) enough T-shirts — though I say shenanigans to that — but has an iDevice or some other brand of tablet or phone that currently has a really boooooring case. You can totally fix that! This particular example, by Customize Me on Etsy, is for an iPad Mini, but the store also has options for other brands of phone etc.

Available from Etsy

Available from Etsy


Because what a bookworm needs is more books, am I right? That being said, I know it’s hard to buy books for bookworms, because you can never be sure that they won’t already own what you’re buying. In that case, why not get a book voucher. It might sound boring, but to a bookworm, a voucher for a bricks and mortar bookstore is the equivalent of a bag of money for a child in a lolly shop. Seriously. They will love you for it!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shopping. For the man in my life. Yes, that’s right.

*shifty eyes*


Cassandra Page is a speculative fiction author who is currently single. So she’ll have to keep all these bookish purchases for herself. What a pity!

Cassandra Page


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