Writing Through the Winter Blues

Writing through the winter blues title.jpg

With winter not even nearly over you might be wondering what is it others do to break through the winter blues and keep writing.

For Rebecca, winter is full of positives. Hardly any flowers, people rarely mow their lawns and with day light savings she gets to enjoy an extra hour of lovely darkness. Ask anyone who knows her, they will tell you how much she enjoys the dark. Her lounge room is painted a dark aubergine, and her bedroom a dark grey, both her preferred places to read and write.

Heather loves winter as much as the next person. Cute scarves and coats, hot chocolates, and long nights in front of the fire are pretty high on the comfort list. But when it comes to schedules and keeping routines, winter is kind of a jerk.

It makes getting up at 5am on those freezing cold mornings almost unbearable. Throwing off the blanket and sneaking through your frigid house is surely a torture technique somewhere, because by the time your fingers are defrosted enough to type, your brain is still stuck on that warm, fluffy pillow.

There’s only one thing that gets us through those mornings. It perks us up and makes it possible to step away from the bed and turn on the computer. Coffee. Oh, coffee! If you’re not a fan of coffee, there’s always tea, or hot chocolate to get you through.

Winter can be the excuse some of us need to just stay in bed and write all day. Not that we should need an excuse, but for others, telling them ‘it was too cold to leave the covers’ is easier to accept than ‘my characters chained me to the laptop until I typed every word of their latest adventure’.

Who knows why?

Ultimately hot chocolate is the preferable way for most to beat the winter chill. Rebecca uses soy milk over cow’s milk, but has tried different options such as almond milk and coconut milk, each of them offering their own delectable little difference. You can buy a good quality chocolate powder, or break up squares of your favourite chocolate and mix over low heat with a cup of milk until melted, thick and frothy.

During these cold winter days, keeping warm is key, if your feet are cold you will not be able to focus on anything but the tingling tips of your toes. Comfort equals productivity. So get comfy, toast those tootsies and type that masterpiece – or pour another cup of hot chocolate and wait for spring, we promise we won’t tell!

Rebecca and Heather love books, movies, motherhood and more. They both share a love of dark chocolate, a devotion to family and an obsession with everything Harry Potter. When they can tear themselves away from their almost two-year-olds, both will often be seen with either their nose in a book or their fingers tapping feverishly on a keyboard. You can find them tweeting here and here.


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