Guest Post: Kate Foster with Lakewater Press

Hey guys, join me in welcoming editor, Kate Foster, from Lakewater Press in this month’s guest post. As lovers of all things Aussie, we’re very excited about a small press on home soil.


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Lakewater Press is a brand new small publishing house based here in Australia. Anyone interested can visit our website and discover who we are and what we do, but to summarise: we publish adult, new adult and young adult titles as e-books and paperbacks in any genre and by authors from all over the world.

We are traditional publishers:

  • We will never ask for money from the authors we sign
  • We pay good royalties
  • We thoroughly edit and proofread our books
  • We design covers
  • We write blurbs
  • We use a distributor
  • We assist our authors with marketing and publicity

Although we each have our field of expertise, our roles overlap: editors, designers, artists and publicists; if we have an amazing idea we share it.

With our official launch in March this year and first titles having only just been released, we are literally still at the breast-feeding stage of our life. And we’re happy and open to admit that we are learning, and more importantly we expect to always be doing so. But we believe this is what makes us special and an exciting team to work with; our eyes are constantly peeled, our ears pricked, and our brains like sponges ready to absorb anything and everything that oozes opportunity for us and our authors. We listen to and read everything!

At a time when small publishers, and some that are well-respected and established, are shutting their doors, some might ask why on earth we’ve set up now. Truth is, we think the market, although highly competitive, is buzzing, and industry movement is fast with readers much more willing to purchase their books from original sources.

Our aim is to constantly evolve, to listen to the authors we sign, and to the readers who review our books. We don’t want to get stuck in our ways and be unwilling to try something new. We don’t want to have one marketing plan for every author, but rather tailor our efforts for each book; targeting both local opportunities and those genre and category specific. And, since our conception only last year, we have done precisely this. Already in such a short space of time, we have collaborated with our authors on their covers, adapted our paperback format to please our readers, are seeking better ways to get our books into the hands of the right readers, are partnering up with other fresh faces in the industry, and are looking at original ways to market.

We never sit back and relax. A potential new door leading to success might be lurking just around the corner.

We’ve been receiving some amazing submissions, and from authors all over the globe. And we’ve even started to attract literary agents. We don’t reject an amazing book that sets our minds alight because we think there might be too much work involved. Absolutely not. We are all about gorgeous, vivid, fresh voices and un-put-downable stories. We are more than willing to invest our time if the authors invest theirs.

But what we’d love to see are more manuscripts from authors on our doorstep. Australian authors that we can shout about to the world. If you have a completed and polished book, we’d love to hear from you.

And, if you’ve always wanted to work in publishing, we are currently looking to hire an intern. Someone willing to participate in every field of our company; from social media to editing to marketing. Someone who can dedicate a few hours a week. Someone who’s willing to join an upbeat team. If this is you, please get in touch now!

Coming soon:

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