The Best Winter Themed Characters

Fuzzy socks, hand knitted blankets, finger-less gloves, and warm beanies. That’s just how you’ll find me most days at the moment, often with my computer sitting in my lap or a book in hand. I don’t have a crackling fire to settle in front of, but I do have two warm purr-buckets who like to curl around me and share their warmth.

Isn’t winter the best season for reading and writing?

You betcha! Anyways, while reading Wicked Lovely earlier this month I got to thinking about season themed characters and just how awesome a strong setting, with a character to match can be. Here are some of

my top wintry wonders

  • Donia from Wicked Lovely – This winter faerie isn’t just cool, she actually looks like winter. With corpse-blue skin and lips, plus the fairest hair you could image, Donia even weeps frosty tears. Her transformation throughout the book doesn’t see her lose her wintry appearance, if anything she becomes more, better, just … SPOILERS. This one is for fans of beautifully written fantasy.
  • Lucas from Winter Omens (The Last Years) – This alien-hybrid boy is winter personified. He’s cold to the touch, but not cold-hearted and he balances out Althea’s summery traits perfectly. He’s one of those protective, loving heroes that you just can’t help but love. Anyway, I’m not going too delve to far into this world because spoilers, but if you love dystopian sci-fi, read this one!
  • Ull from Elsker – You can’t get more winter-themed than the Norse God of Winter himself. Ull has the looks and charm of a god as well as the powers. If you love huge romantic gestures, love too great to be true, and guys who can manipulate snowflakes then Elsker’s for you.
  • Jadis the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia – Winter = cold. Cold = heartless. Heartless = broken. That about sums our self decalred Queen of Charn. You can’t get much more heartless than cursing a whole land with an endless winter. But poor Jadis isn’t just mean for meanness’s sake. If you haven’t read The Chronicles of Narnia then where have you been?
  • Elsa from Frozen – yeah, yeah I know she doesn’t live in a YA book, but how could I list off winter characters without mentioning the girl who can control the snow and ice?!



Is there anyone I’ve missed? Who are the greatest winter-themed characters in your opinion?

Stacey Nash

For reasons unknown to her Stacey Nash’s books are almost all set in autumn. Perhaps because of the fun you can have with falling leaves. If you feel like connecting with the young adult author on social media, where she tries to be engaging check out these places:, instagram, twitter, facebook.



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