Why I write more in winter + COMPETITION TIME!

Winter. I love it.

No, scrap that. I FREAKING love it.

At heart, I’m a summer girl. I swim, I spend time outdoors, and I bask in the summer. But without fail, every winter I manage to achieve one thing that always seems to slip out of my grasp in summer:

Writing. More. Words.

I can put this down to three main reasons:

  1. Cold weather = less time out socialising (read: walking the dogs) and therefore more time spent inside. As well as less time spent dog-walking, a serious social activity for me, I also spend less time going out and visiting friends this season because secretly, I was a hedgehog in another life and I totally hibernate. Yes. I’m one of those weird creatures who just gets super tired in winter. However, it does mean less time spent out and about, and more time spent at home results in more time writing.


    Photo courtesy of WikiCommons. Credit: Olaf1541

  2. Bribery is epic. In summer, I’m a pretty healthy gal. I love fruit, salads and all sorts of things that would make you sick. Kale? Yes, please. Quinoa? Only if it comes with another superfood.
    But in winter? I turn into a badarse. Chocolate. Hot chips. Wine (well, not at the moment, since I’m pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about it). The point is, I often like to ‘motivate’ myself when writing. For example, I’ll say to myself, “Lauren, if you write another 5,000 words, I’ll let you eat a bowl of ice cream.” (Well, if I’m being completely honest, it usually then is followed by, “No, make that two bowls … Oh hell, give me 5,500 and you can have the whole tub!”).
    I bribe myself more in winter because the treats I crave are junkier, and therefore, I write more. See? I’m a simple creature with simple needs (feeeeed meeeeee).
  3. Since I’m home more, and eating more (see points one and two) I find I read more during winter. After all, chocolate tastes better when I add in some book-induced tears! I’ll often find myself too busy to have reading binge-fests in summer, but on a rainy winter’s day, what could be better than sitting down to a fresh book and just diving in, demolishing that sucker in as few sittings as possible?
    I’ll often stockpile books I want to read, saving them for a mammoth winter sesh. This month, I’m really looking forward to A Thousand Boy Kisses, which I hear AH-MAY-ZING things about, and can’t wait to devour.
    And, with reading a lot, comes writing a lot. For me, the two go hand in hand. Reading something great makes me aspire to write something hopefully similarly okay/readable-ish.

So what about you? Do you write more during winter?

Tell me why you do or don’t for your chance to win an e-copy of Losing Faith and Seeking Faith, two contemporary New Adult novels in the Surfers Way series written by the lovely Jennifer Ryder and myself. Entries are open below and will be judged on creativity. Competition closes June 14, 2016, 5pm AEDT.



Lauren K. McKellar is an author, editor, and hedgehog. You can find her hanging on her Facebook page, rambling over at her website, or eating copious amounts of chocolate while obsessing over her growing baby belly.

One Comment

  1. I don’t think my writing flows with the seasons (other than experiencing a dip in early summer due to Christmas shenanigans). It tends to flow depending on where I’m up to in writing a book – towards the end of a story, I write a lot more words!



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