What makes a book great?

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I’ve been pondering … you see, I’m an avid reader and have been since I was a child. Like many other people who love reading, I also love creating and hope to create books as fabulous as the best ones I’ve read. But alas, it’s definitely easier to be a great reader than to be a great writer. Anyone who’s one-clicked their way through Amazon has seen the proof that it takes more than a catchy blurb and a professional cover to create a fabulous book. And through the hoards of books, both good and bad, that I’ve read over the years I’ve learned by observing …

Some of the things that make a book great:

  • a unique concept: something that’s intriguing and hasn’t been written about a million times before.
  • loveable characters: those that feel so real they could be your best friend, and whose choices make you feel invested and connected rather than annoyed and disappointed.
  • beautiful prose: words and sentences that flow so seamlessly you forget you’re even reading. It’s as if you’re living them.
  •  a great plot: twists and turns that aren’t so out there they’re unbelievable, yet still surprise the reader in a ‘wow I should have seen that coming’ way.
  • stakes: something that keeps the reader invested. Very few successful books are about happy people doing happy things in happy land. As readers we need to be taken on a journey that has us wondering what is going to happen next and if everything will eventually fall into place for the main characters.

Making all of these aspects come together isn’t easy, and even if you do manage to pull it off, there’s the element of luck. Just writing a great book isn’t enough, it needs to be seen to make a splash. Good luck, fellow writers and have fun!

Stacey Nash (3)Stacey Nash is the author of several books, which she hopes readers enjoy. If you feel like connecting with the young adult author on social media, where she tries to be engaging check out these places: www.stacey-nash.com, instagram, twitter, facebook.

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