Movie Versions of Books We Love

I’m currently studying Film and Literature (also see my post last month) and so far I’m not overly impressed with the subject. The books we have to read are not particularly my cup of tea, but it has gotten me thinking about adaptation, and the process of bringing a novel into another medium.

There is so much involved when adapting a written work into a film, and so many aspects I’ve never really given much thought. I won’t go into all the boring study oriented details, but issues like point of view, tense, and passing time can be a problem (among lots of other things). Not to mention what the filmmakers decide to keep or leave out, because they can’t keep everything.

Whenever I’ve gone to see a movie based on a book I love, I’ve always hoped that it would stay true to the original text, and most adaptations I’ve seen of books I love have not disappointed me even if they have changed parts of the story, or left out characters (with the exception of I am Number Four, and Red Riding Hood—but that deserves its own, nastily written blog post).

Film versions of our favourite books have the opportunity to become their own work of art, and be appreciated for what they are in their own right. My favourite adapted work by far is Alice in Wonderland. There are several versions, and I have a soft spot for the Disney animation, and Tim Burton’s version with Johnny Depp.



While both of these adaptations are vastly different from the original text, they do Alice’s story justice in their own unique way. And I can’t wait to see this!

What books do you love that have been made into movies? Were you happy with the result, or did you want to stick hot pins in your eyes?


K. A. Last is freaking out because she’s going to Italy in three weeks. She is the author of Sacrifice, Fall For Me, Fight For Me, and Immagica. She drinks lots of tea, is obsessed with Buffy, and loves all things purple (it used to be pink). K. A. Last hangs out on Facebook or you can find her on twitter and Goodreads. She’s also been known to blog once in a while.


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