Meet My Characters (and also, goodbye from Emily – remember me?)

meet two of my adorable lovebirds

Hey there! If you don’t remember me (since I’ve been gone for several decades), I’m Emily.

me again

(This one)

Today I’m here to talk about my two adorable characters, Molly and Winnie, from my contemporary YA romance.

And also to say goodbye.

But first, let’s talk about Molly and Winnie.

Here are the first few paragraphs of their story (which I’m rewriting now), called HOW TO HUG A GRIZZLY.

grizzly chapter 1 second

Basically: they meet again in the library after having stopped being friends a few years ago. They’re both struggling. They both like girls. SO after a few instances of internalised homophobia, they end up together.

It’s about trust and mental illness and an animal sanctuary and the final year of high school and friendship.

And kissing.

grizzly snippet 2

(what, you can ship your own characters)

So I like them quite a lot (even if reading the first draft back makes me want to rip my hair out). Here’s one more snippet:

grizzly snippet 4

Anyway so I wrote this during year twelve, which was a frankly ridiculous year. What’s strange is that it’s a year of dualities, so in equal parts it was stressful and incredible. Now I’m off to university in a couple of weeks, studying communications – since I’m a writer I can’t avoid the inevitable metaphor of it being a “new chapter.”

I wish I had time to do everything, but the reality is that with work, uni, my own blog and writing (not to mention maybe NOT being a hermit occasionally), I won’t be able to blog here anymore.

It’s strange because when I started here I was fifteen. So much has happened in those three years and these Aussie writers have never been more than an email away. I even got the chance to meet Lauren and Katie.

It’s been a lot of fun.

So goodbye, fair readers. I’ll no doubt see you on Twitter (they’ll have to pry my account from my cold, dead hands, I’m telling you now).

grizzly snippet 5


Emily is an 18-year-old soon-to-be university student. Currently she is a writer by day, checkout chick by night (bet you didn’t see that one coming). She wishes everyone all the best and will see you all on the Twitters.

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