Love from another POV: Sebastian kisses Kath


Aussie_Vday PinkTo celebrate the Month of Love, Aussie Owned & Read are giving our followers exclusive content! It may be a love letter between characters, a special date, or a scene you’ve never read before.

Today, Beck Nicholas is giving you the first kiss in her contemporary YA FAKE from Sebastian’s point of view (rather than Kath’s). (I didn’t want to spoil anything from my next contemporary available from Harlequin Teen Aus: WHAT I SAW which releases in a few days.)


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Seventeen-year-old Kath McKenny has a date to the end-of-term party with her since-forever crush. He publicly messaged her to confirm, but there’s been a recent status update: he’s taking the new girl, Lana, instead. After being thoroughly humiliated in front of half the school, best friend Chay talks Kath into revenge: a scheme to create the perfect — and very fake — online guy for Lana. Once she falls for him, they’ll show her what it’s like to get brutally dumped.

Everything is going to plan until Kath starts spending more-than-just-friends time with the other new kid in town — Lana’s dreamy older brother, Sebastian. She tries to put an end to her prank, but it’s taken on an unstoppable momentum of its own, with very real consequences.
As her plotting begins to unravel, so do the people Kath thought she knew:
Her mother has a secret online life. Her father has a whole new family. Her best friend is barely recognisable. Her boyfriend has a disturbing hidden past. And her enemy is more familiar than she knew.


 I might as well be wearing a ‘loser’ sign across my forehead. How many times am I going to mess it up with this girl?

Here I am, sitting in a deserted playground with the moonlight doing its romantic best, next to Kath, who I can’t stop thinking about, and all I can do is remember the fact that I was here on the weekend. With Poppy. With my daughter.

Kath doesn’t know she exists and I can’t bring myself to tell her.

It’s so damn complicated.

I swing. Push off like the child I wished I could be. And as I move, I relax. It’s like Kath’s enthusiasm, her wonder, is contagious. Higher and higher until I’m out of breath.

Slowly, we drift to a stop. Once I’m on my feet, I reach out to help her stand. She hesitates and some of the doubts I’m trying so hard to ignore threaten to resurface. Doubts about the insanity of me pretending to be an ordinary teenage boy out with an adorable girl who he likes very much.

But then she touches me and all I can think about is kissing her at last.

She stumbles and lands in my arms, her silly wig nearly comes off but on her it’s cute. I pull her closer, unable to resist any longer.

But I need to tell her the truth first. ‘Let me explain,’ I whisper.

I brush the hair off her face as an excuse to touch her.

‘No,’ she says. ‘Don’t.’ She presses closer. ‘I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to think.’

Her hands on my chest make arguing impossible. I cup her cheek. ‘What do you want?’

She kisses my hand sending electricity through me. And then the other.

I’m drawn closer still so I’m only millimetres away from the lips I can’t resist. I sigh, giving in. Our lips touch. I kiss her softly, gently, not wanting to scare her off.

But then she meets me halfway, urgent and it’s enough to drive a guy crazy. Our noses bump and we grin at the same time. I let go, tangling my hands in her hair. Kissing her now like I’ve wanted to every time we’ve been together.

Her knees buckle but I hold her against me. I would carry her anywhere. She’s so soft and sweet and I have wanted this so bad. More than anything.

The thought is a cold shower.

I can’t lose my head.

I have responsibilities.

Pulling back, I try to ignore the flash of hurt on her face. I run my hand through my hair so I don’t reach for her again. ‘I should take you home.’



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I always wanted to write. I’ve worked as a lab assistant, a pizza delivery driver and a high school teacher but I always pursued my first dream of creating stories. Now, I live with my family near Adelaide, halfway between the city and the sea, and am lucky to spend my days (and nights) writing young adult fiction.



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