AO&R Indie Book Awards 2015

Aussie Owned and Read is running it’s first ever Australian Indie Book Awards.

All books published in 2015 are eligible except for:

  1. Books published by a non-indie publisher. So anyone published by one of the Big 5 are ineligible. If author is self-published, with a boutique publisher, or a traditional publisher that isn’t a Big 5 you can nominate them.
  2. Books by the AO&R Crew. We think our books are awesome, and indie. And I’m sure a lot of you do too. However, so there’s no biased stuff going one we’ve decided we won’t participate. But you can still check out our books.

Round 1 is nominations. Because we love promoting Australian books, we are having a separate section for Indie Aussie books, in addition to the international section.

Nominations are open until 12 noon on Monday 25 January EST Australia (we’re 15 hours ahead of New York time).

The categories will be the same in the Australian and International sections. Australian book nominations will automatically be included in the International section. The genre categories can have books nominated from YA, NA, MG or Adult.

Categories are:

  • Best YA
  • Best NA
  • Best MG
  • Best Adult
  • Best Science Fiction
  • Best Fantasy
  • Best Contemporary
  • Best Horror
  • Best Series

You can nominate here and keep an eye out on the blog next week for the start of voting.


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