Self promo: do it right.

The third book in my college saga releases today, so it’s lucky I’m here instead of hiding in the corner while the book goes live. Well, at least that’s what I wish I could do. In reality I’ll be blasting social media with buy links and teasers and all those other things. I’ll probably also be feeling guilty about it and worrying that I might be annoying people. You know, the ones that like my page, are on my friends list, and may be a member of some of the same groups as me. We’re probably twitter friends too, and maybe follow each other on Instagram.

How much self promo is too much?

That is the golden question. I’ve heard people say self promotion makes me sick. It makes me defriend, unlike, or unfollow someone. Then I’ve heard the opposite camp say, it’s my page and if I don’t promote my book who will? Share that thing, baby.

No wonder there’s so much stress around promoting one’s own book.

I think…

Self promo works if it’s done with tact and moderation

There’s a general 80 / 20 rule floating around that says you should balance 20% self promo posts with 80% other posts. This is great, but not everyone has time to sit on social media everyday or long enough to balance out 1 self promo post with 4 non promo posts, especially on release day. You could always schedule posts, but that loses the interactive charm. Especially on twitter. I think the key to achieving balance isn’t so much in numbers as tact. Even the wittiest people who constantly post fun non-promo stuff on social media cane come unstuck if they’re not tactful. I try to follow these rules:

  • Don’t be pushy. Try to gain the audience’s interest without pulling them to you with a long-winded, this-is-why-I’m-great speech. They just need enough info to engage their interest.
  • Don’t go overboard. A new post every hour is probably a bit much. Two to three facebook posts a day or double that on twitter is probably okay. I wouldn’t suggest keeping this rate up after release though.
  • Don’t copy and paste the same post over and over. Keep your content fresh and engaging, then your followers won’t skip past it.
  • Don’t expect people to comment, share, like, retweet or whatever. But if they do, be grateful and ENGAGE. Engage. Engage.

And that’s it. Or at least that’s all of the pointers I can think of. Do you have any tips for self promo?


Stacey NashStacey Nash is extremely nervous about her new release, Pretend…  If you feel like connecting with the young adult author on social media, where she tries to be engaging check out these places:, instagram, twitter, facebook.

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