Pitch Wars: Get ready now!


For the past few months Stacey Nash and I have need deep in Pitch Wars mentor mode. We waded through submissions, read additional material we requested and ultimately feel in love with a manuscript each. Then we, like all the other mentors, helped the author work on the manuscript so that it was ready to go on the query-go-round, and of course for the Agent Round of the competition.

The Agent Round took place recently and the number of requests were crazy. On top of that, offers have already started coming in and a number of mentees have signed with agents, within three weeks of the Agent Round.

You can see some of the amazing statistics on the Pitch Wars requests here.

In previous years, many authors who didn’t get signed at the agent round were still signed by other agents through the querying process, and their Pitch Wars mentor helped make their manuscript shine.

Pitch Wars is an amazing competition to be a part of. But you need to be ready. You shouldn’t enter with a manuscript that you have only just finished. It should have gone through revision and had feedback from beta readers/critique partners.

The submission window opens in August. That’s nine months away. It may seem like a long time, but it’ll be here before you know it. If you are still at an early draft stage then you need to get cracking. If your manuscript has had some revision, find some new CPs and get a fresh perspective on it then take the time to consider the feedback. Do research on the craft of writing and make sure your manuscript is in the best shape it can be.

Make sure you understand things like:

  • Show vs Tell
  • Using dialogue tags (a great article here)
  • Correct punctuation of quotes
  • Pacing

While pitch contests aren’t for everyone, and not everyone who enters gets chosen, you have nothing to lose by entering Pitch Wars and so much to gain.

Sharon M. Johnston is an author and PR Specialist from sunny Queensland, who just got a new kitten called Dash and has a book, DIVIDED coming out on November 24. If you want to be part of the Book Blitz and be in the draw for a $20 Amazon Gift Voucher you can sign up here. 

Sharon Johnston


  1. I’ve only ever entered Pitch Wars once. It was fun and I learned a lot in simply preparing for it, but I ultimately got nowhere. I’m seriously thinking of going out for another one. I’ve just got to write a great book that’s not connected to one of my series’ first. So, I’ll make it a goal for 2016: “Write that chick-lit novel you’ve got kicking around in your head and then enter it in Pitch Wars! And Win!”



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