Writers’ support groups

I’ve blogged a few times about how important it is to have support as a writer. If anyone thinks that they’ll write the first draft of novel and BAM they’ve got a best seller that agents and publishers will fight over, then they will be in for a shock.

There are lots of different ways to meet writers who are looking to network with other writers. Sometimes there will be local writers groups where you can go in person. You can also find groups like this online via Facebook and Twitter. Using hashtags is a great way to meet other writers, as well as participating in competitions.

Another blog I’m involved in, YAtopia, has recently started a Facebook group that is open to all aspiring and published authors, as well as bloggers and book lovers.

Here are some tips on how to create and run a successful online writers’ group:

  • Have clear objectives about what the group aims to achieve, which type of writers it’s open to (i.e. – is it category or genre specific),  and how the group will operate.
  • Limit self promotion: have a set day/post with clear guidelines on how the promotion will work in the group so it doesn’t turn into a promotionfest.
  • Have regular topics of discussion that look at a full range of issues facing writers (both published and unpublished).
  • Be aware of the varies stages of writing members are at so you can accommodate for them all.
  • Provide writing opportunities; options include writing prompts, flash fiction and writing sprints.

If you have any pro tips on what works in writers groups make sure you add them into the comments.


Sharon Johnston

Sharon Johnston is an author from sunny Queensland and has a book coming out in November! She has cutie fur babies and is currently binge watching Teen Wolf.

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