Do you #Bookstagram?

Combining books and photography is something I’d never really considered a popular art form, but since the rise of instragram it has become quite the past time. There are some beautiful instagram accounts run by YA readers and bloggers, where photos of popular books and current reads can be found. Many authors are also on instragram and use it to give followers a peek into their everyday lives. Honestly, it’s one of my favourite social media sites to hang out on, even if I’m not that creative when it comes to pictures. I love scrolling through, finding new reads and admiring the artist talent.

Remember Cait? She’s my absolute favourite and bookstagrams like a pro under her blog name PaperFury.

Tracey at YoungAdultBookAddict is one of my favourite bookstagram people. She’s so clever.

What about you guys … are you on instragram? Do you play with books and cameras. If not, what do you think of #bookstagram?

Stacey Nash (3)Stacey Nash isn’t a clever bookstagramer, but you can stalk her on Instagram where she posts photos of her cats and books and everyday life.To find out more about her books find her at, twitter or facebook.


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