A Day in the Life of Alison G. Bailey + GIVEAWAY

Today we have the lovely Alison G. Bailey on the blog talking to us about a day in her writing life.

7 a.m.-Alarm goes off.

7:01-I hit snooze button.

8:30-I toss the covers off of me.

8:45-I sit up in bed and think about getting up.

9:00-I actually get out of bed.

9:05-I down the first Diet Pepsi of the day and maybe eat a banana. I’m not a big breakfast eater.

9:30ish-I take my two furry kids out for their morning walk. I’m referring to my dogs. I don’t have overly hairy human children.

Buster is my 15-year-old Pekingese/Lhasa mix. Since he’s the king of the castle, he goes out first. Then it’s my 3-legged yellow lab, Jack’s turn. I used to walk both dogs at the same time, but now that Buster is an old man, their speeds are vastly different.

FullSizeRender (6)

Oh, I failed to mention that between breakfast and walking the dogs, I do get dressed. I didn’t want you to think I go out in public in my pj’s or worse, naked. The uniform for an author is some form of sweat or yoga pants and a T-shirt.

10:30ish-(By the way, my life is full of ishes.) I hop on my computer to check emails, my website, and my social media pages. I respond to whatever needs my attention at the moment. If I have a few extra minutes, I see what’s up in the book world. Then eight hours later . . . just kidding. I try to limit my time on social media to one hour in the morning. If I’m a good little writer and get my work done for the day, I will get on at night. It’s hard not to get lost in the world of Facebook and the Twitterverse on those days when the words aren’t flowing and your brain is mush.

12 noon-While doing the glamorous things around the house that authors do, like laundry, loading the dishwasher, and cleaning the bathroom, I’ll put my ear buds in and listen to the playlist for the particular book I’m working on. It gets me in the right mindset.

3:00-The magic starts. I sit down to write. I’ve tried writing earlier in the day, but for whatever reason I end up staring at the screen more often than tapping out words. I like the stillness of nighttime. I usually end my day around midnight or later depending on whether or not I’m on a roll or deadline.

Between 3 p.m. and midnight, I do take breaks. I walk the dogs a couple more times, I have dinner, might chat on the phone, but I try to stick with the daily routine. It gives me comfort not having to think what my schedule will be. There are occasions when my brain gets tired and needs a distraction. That’s when I turn on an episode of Friends that I’ve seen ten thousand times or that show on the Discovery channel, Naked and Afraid. Don’t judge me.

So, there you have it. My day in a nutshell. I know, it’s pretty exciting. (Insert sarcastic tone.) I do deviate from my regularly scheduled programing on occasion. Since I’m my own boss, I can go to lunch with my sister, mom, or friends whenever I want. And I get to attend book signings where I get to spend time with author and blogger friends and meet wonderful readers. All in all, being an author is a pretty fantastic way to spend the day.

Thanks so much for joining us, Alison! It was so great to have you.

About Alison G. Bailey

Alison 2013-5webAlison was born and raised in Charleston, SC. She attended Winthrop University and graduated with a major in Theater. While at school Alison began writing one-act plays, which she later produced. Her debut novel, Present Perfect, landed on Amazon’s Best Seller List and appeared on many “Best Reads of 2013″ Book Blogs. The novel won Best Book at the 2014 Indie Romance Convention Awards. Her second novel, Past Imperfect, was published in February of 2014 and appeared on several best books of 2014 lists as well. Presently Perfect, the third and final book in The “Perfect” series was released in Dec 2014 to rave reviews. In March 2015 all the love, swoon, heat, and angst were combined into the Perfect Series Box Set.

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Stop! by Alison G. Bailey

STOP!ebookEvery life has a different path full of sharp turns, smooth curves, and steep drop offs.

Hollis Murphy has a plan—college, career, boyfriend, love, marriage, family. A predictable, normal life. She’s on track until an outside force causes her to crash and burn. They call it an accident, because that’s the only word they know to explain what happens to her. It helps everyone move on with their lives, except for Hollis. She holds on to the belief that she’s been targeted for a reason.

Risher Stevenson is intelligent, caring, sweet, and the hottest boy Hollis has ever laid eyes on. He fits perfectly into her original plan for a normal life. Everyone loves him.

Benton Daniels is intelligent, caring, sweet, and the bravest boy Hollis has ever met. He doesn’t fit into her life but gives it purpose and makes it extraordinary. Everyone hates him.

One is bullied. One is tormented. All are judged. How will it STOP?

Stop! Buy Links

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Do you want to WIN an e-copy of Stop!? Thanks to the lovely Alison, we have one to give away. To enter, simply comment below and tell us when you last stopped doing something. Competition drawn this time next week. And don’t forget to like Alison on Facebook, so you can keep up to date with her latest releases, too!

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  1. STOP! sounds amazing.

    I don’t know exactly when, but I stopped worrying about what other people might think about the way I dress. It’s totally me & I’m happy with it.



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