Writing prompts

As I blogged about a couple of months ago, I’m a big Pinterest user. I have almost 2000 pins, and Pinterest has started suggesting pins I might like based on my boards. I think it might also be based on what I’ve pinned recently, which can end up in a spiral of me pinning what they suggest, so they suggest more of it … but since most of that is either Doctor Who or Firefly, I don’t mind too much. 😉

Disclaimer: Loki belongs to the Marvel franchise and I make no claim to own him. Although, let's be honest, I would if I could.

Disclaimer: Loki belongs to the Marvel franchise and I do not claim to own him. Although, let’s be honest, I would if I could.

One of my boards is on writing. Originally it was just funny writing quotes, including motivational posters, although recently I’ve expanded the definition to include the occasional inspirational quote.

But most of what Pinterest suggests for this particular board are actually writing prompts, which got me to thinking about them. I haven’t used a writing prompt in over a decade — that is, unless you count an anthology that was calling for themed submissions earlier in the year, or the various blog hop stories I’ve taken part in. (Okay, maybe I have been using writing prompts!) Other than that, I don’t often write short fiction, and because I write so slowly, my list of things to do is at least twelve months long.

Yet those writing prompts are so, so tempting.

Benefits of using writing prompts include:

  • overcoming writers’ block — if you’re having trouble with a big project and are starting to lose faith, writing a short based on a writing prompt gives a quick outlet
  • continuing to practice your craft between bigger projects — such as if you’re planning your next WIP
  • giving you a chance to write something outside your comfort zone — such as a story in a new genre, to see whether you can
  • suggesting a plot idea you might not have otherwise considered — just the other day one of my tweeps was talking about how her newly released novel started as a short based on a writing prompt

Because of this, I have no doubt that if my muse starts to run dry, I’ll be turning to those Pinterest writing prompts for ideas.

Here are a handful of writing prompts, so you can see what I’m talking about. If you actually decide to write something based on one of these, please link back to us so everyone can check it out!

Writing prompt 1

Writing prompt 2

Writing prompt 3

Writing prompt 4


Have you ever written a short story or novel based on a writing prompt? Tell us about it in the comments!

Cassandra Page is an urban fantasy writer whose Aussie fae trilogy is now complete. She thought you ought to know, even as she feels like a shill for pointing it out. #authorlife

Cassandra Page

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    Today I’m over at Aussie Owned and Read, talking about writing prompts – two-to-three-sentence ideas to get your imagination firing and your fingers flying over the keyboard. (Or your pen waggling, if that’s more your thing.) Please drop by , say hi, and join in the conversation! 🙂



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