The day I regretted choosing ebooks over paperbacks


Did you see that title?

I’m a huge supporter of e-books! I own ten times more e-books than I do print books and that’s only because I’ve been replacing my paperbacks for e-books for the past two years. You see, in a house with three kids their books have gradually encroached on the space of mine. As have their toys, their clothes … and you know the way it goes. It basically boils down to storage being a real issue. So when e-readers became a thing, I jumped right on board.

There are three e-readers in my house. All different shapes, sizes and makes. My hubby reads on one, Miss 11 reads on one, and I read on one. It’s fabulous; we don’t have to worry about limiting the number of books we own due to shelf space, we can still share books by sharing devices, and best of all the books are cheaper. We’re happy little vegemites.

Or we were.

Until we lost power for almost two days and all the e-readers ran out of power.

Cartoon Hangover animated GIF

Sure two of the three were almost dead before the power went, but I was going to charge them. I really was. Anyway it was Mr 5, who reading, when the rest of us were lamenting not being able to read, declared that his books were better than ours because they never ran out.

Touche, kid, touche.

Anyway, the moral of this story is;

Save some paperbacks for when the apocalypse hits, people. We’ll need them!


Stacey NashStacey Nash is the proud author of four e-books, two of which are also paperbacks. To find out more about her books find her at, twitter or facebook.



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