There’s more to pitch contests

Hello. I’m Sharon. And I am a pitch contest addict.

I am continually hosting and mentoring pitch contests as well as obsessively entering Twitter pitch contests.

Gosh I just love them.

But there is so much more to pitch contests than the opportunity to land yourself an agent or a publishing deal.

The networking is out of this world.

In fact, I wouldn’t even be posting here right now if it wasn’t for a pitch contest.

I met the wonderful Stacey Nash through a pitch contests (I think I was hosting). We hit it offf. I became a blog member and I scored myself an awesome alpha reader, and got to read some amazing stories as Stacey’s beta reader.

It’s like a pebble in the lake ripple effect, because I keep meeting more people, making more connections and finding new opportunities to grow myself as a writer and a blogger, as well as more ways to help others on the writing journey.

So do yourself a favour. Enter a pitch contest. If you’re already agented – then consider being involved in one. Even host one yourself for your agent.

You might find it the most rewarding thing you’ve every done.

And if you are considering entering a pitch contest, Nest Pitch is just around the corner and I’ll be looking for people to be on Team Evil Bunny!





Sharon is a writer, blogger and PR professional from tropical Queensland who has been stalked by women for her taste in shoes.

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