Trumpets, fanfare, and new releases

Let’s talk about new releases and the way in which book babies arrive into the world.

ID-10088828 (2)

This is NOT a picture of how book babies are born. I think …

Some books arrive on the shelves in the middle of the night, when no one is looking or expecting them. Their arrival is like that of a baby dumped on a doorstep. While other books we hear whispers of months before their scheduled release. When they arrive it’s amidst a whirlwind of attention; their covers are recognised, their titles widely known, and sometimes even their opening pages have already been read.

I’ve noticed a trend … the latter tend to be from authors who are either widely known, or have a strong back list, while the former tend to be the newer authors, both traditionally, digital first, and self published. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps the more established authors have a larger following who call for it, or perhaps it’s because as people we’re all different. Some like to jump up on the table, singing at the top of their lungs while dancing along to the music. While others (like me) prefer to blend into the crowd, quietly mingling with the people they feel comfortable with. As authors though, I think we need to push the introvert within us aside at times. Release day is one of those times that we should


Embrace the attention.

Make release day special, or no one else will see it that way. Click to Tweet.


I’ve noticed that some books don’t even have a release date. They arrive in the leading e-tailers with no lead up, or no expectation that they are coming. As someone with an event management background, I feel like this is a lost publicity opportunity for any author, established or not. Release day is one of the biggest days a book will experience … unless it wins a massive award. And there are so, so many things that can be done to celebrate a release. In fact we’ve blogged about that before, just here. It takes a little time and effort, but if you do something online or in person to celebrate the release, it brings more attention to your new book. And that attention, well most of the time it results in sales.


Sales on release day are like gold when it comes to rankings.


And with rankings come more sales. As authors, isn’t that what we all want? For people to read our books, to meet our imaginary friends, and fall in love with our words. I know we all get busy, and many of us like blending in with the crowd, but it really is in our best interest to set aside our fears and a little time to celebrate the big things.

Bear PartyThe trumpets will (hopefully) fanfare when my new book releases on Monday.

As readers and writers are you more likely to purchase a book that you’ve seen around a few times or does that make you shy away?

Stacey NashStacey’s debut new adult novel, Shh!, releases on Monday and she’s more nervous than Elvis the kitty when he’s caught chewing shoelaces, but she’s gone all out to celebrate in style. To find out more about Shh! or give a supportive smile, find her at, twitter or facebook.


  1. You are probably feeling very excited ( and anxious?) about tomorrow. Tweet away and I shall retweet to share the love 🙂 Regarding purchasing books – I will usually only buy a book when I’m already in love with the series. I’m a huge library fan 🙂 I use Goodreads a lot for my tbr pile and to gauge hype. Usually group reads will help me determine what uf/fantasy read I hook into next 🙂



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