Valentine’s Day Special Edition: Most Romantic Gesture

My husband is not a fan of Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t like feeling obligated to do anything. I went for years without a Valentine’s Day Present. That doesn’t mean he isn’t romantic. He just randomly turns up with flowers, chocolates, jewellery when I least expect it…which includes occasionally getting things on Valentine’s Day. Or the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day, as happened this year.

I love simple romantic gestures, which works well in our marriage. It can just be “Hey You” as he stares at me when I wake up with a massive case of bedhead. “Hey You” is code for I Love You for us. Or like this week when I was so sick and he made me this berry and dark chocolate slide because I could use the antioxidants. Sometimes he goes bigger, like when he bought me a beautiful ring at a charity auction. Did I mention my Christmas present one year was the cover of my first novel in giant poster form. Yes ladies, he’s a keeper.

B9txhLECcAAVTfFWhat constitutes a romantic gesture varies from person to person. So I’d love to know what you think is the most romantic gesture from a novel? If you can’t think of one you can also add the most romantic gesture you know of that was so good it should have been in a novel (warning: writers of this blog and of follow this blog make want to use this in their WIP).

Put your answer in the comments and you will go into the draw for the gorgeous Hello Kitty writing pack. This pack is for Australian and NZ residents only BUT overseas commenters will go into the draw for a $20 Amazon voucher. The winner will be drawn at random.

Leave a comment. We love hearing from you.

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