Interview: Shelby C. Madison, Senior YA Acquisitions Editor

Today I’m interviewing Shelby C. Madison, the YA and NA editor at Turquoise Morning Press, or TMP. Shelby is the person that acquired my trilogy, so of course I luff her. ❤ If you’ve got a romance novel looking for a home, or a book in another genre, but with romantic elements, this may well be of interest to you!

Academy For LosersTMP has just opened up its books to submissions from 1 January 2015. What sort of genre or genres are you looking for? Is there anything that is a no go?

I mainly deal with young adult, with the occasional new adult submission. As a whole, TMP looks for engaging stories with strong female protagonists. Within your non-traditional romance genres, like mystery or crime fiction, we like a romantic element to play out in the story. We find these characteristics engage our readers. Check out our submissions page for more information.

Do you accept novellas? Are there word length limitations?

GiftedWithin each line, there are some word length limitations. For example, we do not accept shorter than 50k-word count for young adult. We feel the shorter stories do not engage this type of audience. They want more and our authors can give it.

What topic don’t you ever want to see again?

Within the young adult line, I’m never a fan of stories where all you read is the dirty side of drug abuse or sexual violence. I know it’s a real factor facing many but fiction is an escape. Reading takes you to a place away from reality. But that doesn’t mean I won’t consider a well-written manuscript showing someone climbing out of the drug life, for example.

I don’t think vampires are as hot with YA anymore, unless there is a new take. Get creative. Reach deep down, pull out that hidden story, and wow me.

When you’re reading a manuscript, how do you know it’s The One? What sets your heart to racing?

Reinventing ChloeMany factors can play into this. For example, I recently acquired a YA about a girl who is in love with this band from before her time. The first chapter hooked me because of the clever banter between characters and the way the writer brought me into a school dance and showed me what it would be like it you took away pop sensation and played music from two decades ago.

If I can’t put the manuscript down, I want it. That first chapter needs to move me to the next.

What three YA or NA books from TMP (other than mine 😉 ) would you recommend people read?

Tasting SIlverOver the couple of years that I’ve been acquiring for TMP, I’ve made it a goal to widen the selection in our bookstore. We have an assortment of paranormal/fantasy with titles like Academy For Losers by Cat Shaffer, Gifted by Ingrid Alexandra and a new release in January by Debbie Kump, Elementals. If you’re not into anything mystical or magical, our fiction is filled out nicely with titles by Julie Anne Lindsey, Reinventing Chloe, Tasting Silver by S.E. Campbell and the Honey Creek Royalty series by Jennifer Anderson. We also offer a few suspense tiles. Here is the link to the YA/NA section of our bookstore.

What book are you looking forward to reading over your Christmas break?

Ice PrincessI am a huge Katie McGarry fan. I actually met her two years ago at an author/reader even in Ohio and I wanted to pack her in my suitcase and take her home…but she has kids and they might need her! Her books have everything I look for in a good read: edge, snark, drama and love. Her newest book, Breaking The Rules, releases in early December and I’m re-reading book one, which involves the same characters, so I’m ready to go. I hope to also catch up on my already purchased TBR list. I’m ashamed to admit how many books I have loaded on my e-readers.

Cassandra Page writes young adult urban fantasy with some of the aforementioned “romantic elements”. See?

Cassandra Page


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    On Tuesday at Aussie Owned and Read I interviewed Shelby C. Madison, the Senior YA Acquisitions Editor at Turquoise Morning Press. She’s the one that acquired the Isla’s Inheritance trilogy, so give her lots of love! ❤

    In good news for those of you who might have a romance book (or one in another genre with romantic elements) looking for a publisher, Turquoise Morning press is opening to submissions on 1 January next year (and not just for YA!). Read more for details!



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