Sydney Author Event

A little more than a week ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Sydney Author Event. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, this was an author signing event in Sydney, Australia, that saw a host of authors from both the land Down Under and the great beyond get together, meet some fans, pose with firemen and sell some books!

This was such a well-run event and truly, the organisers need to be applauded. They were absolutely phenomenal and put together a strong, successful event.

When it came to things I noticed on the day, here were a few:

  • New Adult: It’s (finally) In In Oz! Yes, the rest of the world has embraced New Adult as a genre, but in Australia, aside from the several successful indie authors who are making a living out of selling books in this very on-trend age/genre to write in, it hasn’t been given a true place in the market. That is, until Hachette signed the fabulous CJ Duggan. This deal was announced several days before the event, and the Hachette team showed up in force to promote their newest signing who is, as they admitted, the first new adult author to be signed by a traditional publisher in Australia. Woohoo! I personally love CJ’s books and the genre, and am so excited by this development.
  • Swag is King. Yes, you can see it at other events, but the swag at Sydney Author Event truly was phenomenal. From fans to help ward off the heat, to lip gloss, to temporary tattoos, to knickers, the authors truly had it all — and he who swagged the best, won. Or, certainly garnered a lot of attention. That is, unless you were situated next to …
  • Firemen. The event also raised money for the Burns Unit via the Firefighters Calendar Australia. It was fabulous to see so many people buy a calendar and have their photo taken for a good cause. All in all, the event raised thousands of dollars for the group and, aside from a few perhaps a little too forward attendees, the firemen were well received.
  • Australia Rules … Okay? Yes, international signings are amazing, but it was so great to see such a huge sell-out crowd turn up for this event. The line up went all the way down the alley outside the prestigious Ivy venue, and the readers were enthusiastic, embracing both known and unknown authors in the room.

Overall, this truly was a great day, and we can’t wait for it all to happen again in 2016!

Lauren & one of her editing clients, the gorgeous Jennifer Ryder

Lauren & one of her editing clients, the gorgeous Jennifer Ryder



Lauren K. McKellar is an author and editor, who is stressing out because her cover reveal for her next book is in one day’s time! Eep! Visit her website or Facebook and share her freakout and excitement.



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