Best reads of 2014

2014 is drawing to a close and I’m left wondering how it got to be December already when I still haven’t read all the awesome books on my TBR pile. Although I chugged through my Goodreads goal of fifty books, I’m still going strong at sixty odd. Yep, I read a lot of books this year; heaps of indie books, lots of self published, and just as many traditionally published, but not all of them were new releases. So out of all those books, I thought we’d talk about the best books* of this year — those with a 2014 publication date.

* This is solely my opinion.

Best YA reads


Way to finish a series, Cassie Clare. *standing ovation*


Worth. The. Wait. There’s something about the way Stephanie writes her characters that just makes them feel so real, and IHEA didn’t disappoint.


The perfect end to the most epic adventure. I ❤ this book so hard!


When I was talking about rereading last week, this is the book I was referring to. Way to play with our heads, E Lockhart.


I’ve never read a book that so accurately portays teen boys. And Charlie sure is surrounded by them with three brothers and a male best friend. This was the sweetest story.














































Best NA reads



I love anything Colleen Hoover, but I have to say this has become my new favourite. (excluding Hopeless, because HOLDER.) I even read it twice this year!


I thought I fell in love with Cam Hamilton in book 1 of this series, but he has nothing on Jase Winstead. Oh my gosh, how does JLA write so many awesome characters?!


There’s something about the Maddox brothers I just can’t resist. And Trenton is the best Maddox brother of them all. Who doesn’t love a bad boy tattoo artist?


Texan football fever? Yes please! I had a really hard time deciding between this one and the sequel All Broke Down as they are both complex stories with swoon worthy heroes. In the end Carson won. 🙂


I’m in love with this entire series, but boy it was nice to finally read Ben’s story. I’ve loved him since Ten Tiny Breaths.












































Best Aussie read of the year


I’m actually still reading this YA book, but gosh… this concept is scary in it’s reality. My daughter HAS to read this as soon as she’s old enough for the romance!


















There are way more books that I wish I had of read this year, but alas there are always more books than time. Hopefully I’ll catch those I missed during 2015!

What was your favourite read of 2014?


Stacey NashStacey Nash is a reading addict who devours more books than she really has time for. But that’s okay, it’s all study for writing, right? To chat about books or find out more about the books she wrote, you can find her at


    1. I haven’t read either of those. HtDDG has been on my TBR for a little while though so I want to read it soon! I think my favourite indie novel would have to be Changing Course by Aly Martinez. The entire series was fabulous!

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