YA Review: Some Boys by Patty Blount


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Some boys go too far. Some boys will break your heart. But one boy can make you whole.

When Grace meets Ian she’s afraid. Afraid he’ll reject her like the rest of the school, like her own family. After she accuses the town golden boy of rape, everyone turns against Grace. They call her a slut and a liar. But…Ian doesn’t. He’s funny and kind with secrets of his own.

But how do you trust the best friend of the boy who raped you? How do you believe in love?

A gut-wrenching, powerful love story told from alternating points of view by the acclaimed author of Send.

I randomly requested this from NetGalley…and wow am I glad I did!

The writing is really good! It’s easy to read and very relatable. It’s dual narrated by Grace and Ian and their voices are both really clear and different. I can’t even pick a favourite! Both of them made me angry at times, but they were struggling to find what’s right and what’s wrong and their journeys really captured my attention.

THERE ARE PARENTS IN THIS BOOK! Yes! This is a thing of great excitement! I love it when YA books include the parents. Grace’s mum is so supportive of her and there for her whenever she has a panic attack or needs to talk. Ian’s dad yells at him and grounds him, but he’s still 100% there for Ian and shows his love. This actually gives room for both Grace AND Ian to talk to their parents about deep and pressing issues. I’m so happy about that! I know not all parents are there for their teens, but a lot of the time they are! I love that Some Boys isn’t advocating shutting parents out.

It really dives into the tough topics of rape and bullying and disrespect.
People can be so disrespectful and it’s sickening.

It also has this quote:

“Whoa, back up. Are you calling me a rapist?”
“You’re a guy, right?”
Jenson puts his hands on his hips. “Yeah. So?”
“Everybody knows one look at a female body sends a guy’s hormones surging, and your weak little bodies just can’t handle it. And then you do things you regret but blame it all on the girls.”

As for passive-bullying? This quote:

Grace: “Every guy in school feels so justified calling me a slut.”
Ian: “I never called you that.”
Grace: “Really? Not once? That’s great, Ian, but what did you do when your friends said it?”


You can bully by doing nothing. I’m glad Some Boys called us out on this too.

Also it addresses the issue of: girls do not need a boy to save them.

“Hell, you don’t need a hero. You just save yourself. You know what you do need, Grace?”
She spreads her hands apart, shakes her head.
“You need a guy who gets you.”

It makes me sad when books make it seem like the only way to be happy is to have a boy/girlfriend. Actually, other people can’t make you happy. You need to make you happy. If you hinge your life on someone, what happens if they let you down? You lose it.

But a few things made me less-than-happy.

– The fact that 40 days after she was raped and still having horrible panic attacks all the time, Grace even opened up to Ian and they kissed. Um… I think that’s way too soon.
– The ending was SO clean and sweet. Smushy, but not realistic. Hey, don’t get me wrong! “Happily ever afters” are super sweet. But every single lose end being tied up satisfactorily?
– There were a lot of convenient plot twists.
– It bordered on preaching at times. I preferred it when the themes were subtle and made me think, but at the end it was more slapping them in my face. Which I’m opposed to, weird, I know.

I’m really glad this book exists, though. It hit some tricky topics, and I think it did them justice.



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