Life’s Journey

Life’s journey is a crazy thing. You could be skipping merrily down the road that life currently has you on, then suddenly, the road curves ahead of you. Sometimes it’s more of a 90 degree angle. Then there are the times when life hoists you up by the collar and dumps you on another path altogether, leaving you feeling lost and afraid and wondering where the heck you need to go now.

This post is one of saying goodbye. After a lot of thought and consideration I have decided that my season as an AOR contributor has come to an end. It’s not forever, not completely, but a goodbye nevertheless.

Life has thrown me a curveball that I can no longer dig my heels in and resist. My family needs to become more of a focus for me and I have come to realise I am not quite the super mum I wished I was. I can’t be online so much and not with my family. Especially with my hubby working away from us, and his prospects of closer to home work slowly becoming a sliver so tiny I can barely make it out. Plus, my kids are growing up too quickly for my liking, with a lot of our time consumed with extra-curricular activities and larger amounts of homework. I can feel the time with my family slipping away and I need to make a mad grab to get it back.

So, I’ll see you around the traps, but it is with great sadness, that I sign off my last post as an AOR contributor. AOR girls – I love your crazy faces!!!!!



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