Facebook + Giveaways + Fun!

There’s no trying to hide it; here at Aussie Owned and Read, we really are a social bunch of creatures. After all, that’s how this blog first started almost two years ago now — with a group of women who not only liked books a whole heap, but who also liked each other.

Over time, we’ve come to love interacting with our bloggership, too (which sounds alien-like, and may not be a real word, but we’re willing to roll with it anyway). We do know, however, that we’ve let our Facebook presence slide. And that’s why … Drum roll, please …

Snare Drum Floating

Photo: Big Stock Photo


We are having a HUGE FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY! When we reach 400 Facebook page likes, we will be giving away a stack of books at random to some of our likers. How fun is that?

But wait, that’s not all … We’re also going to start some regular features on our Facebook page so that WE can learn more about YOU. We’d love to share a word that our team has just learnt about every Monday with New Week, New Word.

On Wednesdays, we want to know what YOU’RE reading. Tell us all about the book that is rocking your socks (or not, as the case may be).

And, because we can all use a laugh, join us for Friday Funnies, where you can post a meme, a scene, or something that has cracked you up this week.

Of course, you’re welcome to post anything on our page at any time; we just see this as extra opportunities for us to hang out with you (and who knows? We may be giving out random prizes as time goes on, too).

So, if you haven’t already, jump on the Facebook and please, pretty please with Vegemite on top, give Aussie Owned a like. We’ll love you for it 🙂


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