An out of the box type interview

So, I was supposed to be doing the industry interview this month, and well, I kinda didn’t realise until the last minute. Soooooo, I have gone for a more outside the box approach.

I was thinking on the weekend that you may not know that we Aussie Owned and Read girls do things other than read, write and edit books. So I thought I would test you to see how well you really know us. I sent the following question to the girls and asked them to give me an answer off loop (that way I can see how well they know each other as well). Of course, it was last minute, so not everyone has answered, so maybe next month we will do the rest (maybe!).

Other than reading, writing and editing, what do you enjoy doing? (aka…nothing to do with the book world)

1. There are two possible answers to how I relax in a non-bookish way. One is that I spend time with my son, an adorable five-year-old who charms me every day, in between making me laugh out loud. Of course, he drives me nuts too. The other answer is that I engage in geekery – board games such as Arkham Horror (my favourite) or tabletop role-playing such as Dungeons and Dragons. My current character is a twelfth level ranger who looks like Katniss and rides a dire wolf around. It’s like writing a story but with friends.

2. When it comes to free time, almost every ounce of mine is taken up by devouring great stories. If it’s not reading them it’s watching. And sci-fi is my first love. I’m hooked on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Arrow at the moment and can’t wait to get started on Flash. These shows aren’t my favourites because of all the superheroes either. Sure I love Marvel and DC, but it’s all the tech and action that drags me in. Oh, and the hot guys. Agent Ward anyone? In the slither of time that is left over after writing, reading, and watching, I love to craft. I’m a scrapbooker and have album upon album of perfectly crafted pages chronicling my family’s life. Also, I like to bead, although I’m not quite as good at that. Probably why I mostly stick to stories.

3. If I’m not reading or writing, I’m spending time with my family, or working. Both these things are a huge part of my life. I love getting the art supplies out with my daughter, and we enjoy painting, sticking anything to anything, and generally getting messy with crafty stuff. As a family, we love going away in our camper van. Taking the kids bush is a great stress reliever, and we love getting away from the hectic city life to spend time with each other, and teach the kids a few things they wouldn’t get to learn at school. While we are camping, I’m also often reading and/or writing.

So, there you have it…who do you think they are? Comment below and don’t forget to tell us your answer to the question 🙂

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