To Trope or Not To Trope

We’ve all heard the saying before; when it comes to stories, there is a finite number of concepts, of ideas and characters, out there. Sure, every story has (or certainly should have!) an individual twist, but realistically, a lot of characters and story problems are the same.

Think about it; when you’re looking at books, things like a love triangle, a damsel in distress, a smart girl who becomes popular, or an underdog who saves the day are not only common, they’re downright expected — but the cool thing is, they do differ in the way they’re represented. After all, the love triangle in The Hunger Games is very different to the one in Frozen!

Photo: Big Stock Photo

Photo: Big Stock Photo

Still, there are certain concepts and characters we see a lot of in fiction, and some can really get on people’s nerves. So, we’ve decided to do a poll: Which cliche or trope do you like the MOST when it comes to Young Adult and New Adult fiction?
Let us know your thoughts, or, if you have another we haven’t listed, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments. We’ll do a follow-up on this in the near future–we can’t WAIT to hear what you think.


Lauren K. McKellar is an editor, and author of Young and New Adult fiction. You can save her from distress by visiting her website or hanging out with her on Facebook.


  1. None of those ones, really. I’m not a big trope fan unless one is inverted or subverted so it surprises me. I’m not even sure I know what the ‘The No One Has Ever Noticed Me But Apparently I’m Very Good Looking’ is!
    I used to read a lot of teacher-student romance books, so I’ve voted for ‘forbidden romance,’ but I don’t have a favourite trope as far as I consciously know (I’m sure in my writing it’s very different).



    1. “The No One Has Ever Noticed Me But Apparently I’m Very Good Looking” trope is exemplified by Bella Swan from Twilight. No one noticed her at her old school and she’s sure she’s very plain, but all the guys are panting after her. 🙂



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