This and That

I actually don’t know what to talk about today. I feel like we’ve covered so much over the last eighteen months or so that I can’t add anything fresh and new to the mix. So, I’m going to ask you, our readers, what do You want do you want me to talk about? I will be honest and frank about any topic you give, and post them over the next few months.

So, while you think, I’ll tell you a story.

Once upon a time…

A boy had a stuffed teddy bear. That teddy bear stayed with him day in and day out. That bear was special and cherished. He took care of it, kept it clean and safe. At first he shared it with no one, then, he shared it his parents and a few friends. They thought it was a nice bear, as bears go, but didn’t think much of it.

As he grew, so did his bear. He gave it a name and a purpose. But he didn’t know how to make it real. He went to school, studied hard, and as the years went by, people started laughing at this bear he dragged around behind him. Soon, people he admired and respected told him the bear needed to go. It wouldn’t ever accomplish anything and it held him back. He needed to get on with life and take responsibility.

So he got a job and left the bear at home. But at night, he brought it out and stared at it, wanting more than anything to make it a real bear. To bring it to life. But all everyone told him to do was to join the daily grind. Bears are for children, not the real world.

Then, one day, he decided he didn’t want to hide his bear anymore. His bear was all he ever wanted and held a place deep in his heart. So he brought it out. He fought many people who tried to tear the bear apart, but he would simply take it home and mend it, then keep trying.

For years this went on. He grew discouraged in his search to bring the bear to life. One night, as he sat staring at the bear, it’s large, glass black eyes looking up at him, he knew deep down, that giving up would never be an option. No one else could bring this bear to life, only him. It had always been him and him alone.

So what did he do next?

Well, that’s up to us, really.

But you should know the bear’s name. The Dream.


  1. Sometimes we feel compelled to blog even when inspiration is hiding. I feel we should blog when it calls to us, but you hear that you should at least blog twice a week. As someone new to the publishing world in Australia, I would love to see publishing success stories, great book proposals/submissions., queries or synopses 🙂

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