To Contest or Not to Contest: That is the question

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know I am involved in some pitch contests. I’m a regular host for Pitch Madness, a mentor for Pitch Wars and, of course, am involved with Aussie Owned & Read’s Pitcharama.

I love being involved in these contests and seeing people make connections. It’s not always with agents, sometimes it’s with other writers.

So the poll for today is a really simple on. Do you like entering pitch contests? Yes and no for the poll, but you can also add your reasons why in the comments. Make sure you include your Twitter handle or email address as you will go in the draw for a $10 Amazon eGift Card.


Sharon JohnstonSharon Johnston’s a regular contest host and expert at giving out teasers. You can catch up with her at the following places:

Twitter / Facebook Page / Website


  1. It’s just another way to query, except a little more fun than just sending out a string of emails. You can interact, make friends, get some great feedback and so on.



  2. Hi! I clicked no, but that’s only because I never enter them but I love the whole idea of them because they are great to read through on twitter and I love seeing that people are getting their infer out there and it’s just a great step forward 🙂

    Twitter: @Lovesbooks96



  3. I’m new to this pitch stuff, just heard about it from @ELWicker (thanks, Emma), so I tried the PitMad one and had some fun and one fave. Guess that’s a good thing. Been perhaps too focused on writing my third novel, but I’ll try to keep an eye out for other pitch things to enter. Great to connect with other writers and swap ideas/critiques/comments.



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