Book Expo – the low down


I got to spend last weekend with fellow Aussie Owneder K.A. Last at Book Expo Australia and boy did we have fun. There were moments we wanted to cry, moments when we laughed until we cried, and moments when we were so deliriously tired we said awesome a billion times which made us laugh and cry simultaneously. True story.


Saturday started out not so bright, but very early. We arrived at Sydney Exhibition Centre at 7.30am along with over 100 other exhibitors. The Expo officially opened at 9 and unfortunately I think the miserable weather kept people away. But there was a steady stream throughout the middle of the day which meant K.A and I always had someone to talk to. We met lots of lovely visitors and fellow exhibitors. Caught up with fellow Aussie YA authors such as Dionne Lister, Selena Fenech, and Kaz Delaney. We even handed out a bunch of AOR bookmarks and photo postcards. But the funniest part of Saturday…

Some dude took every last sherbie out of our bowl. I kid you not, he didn’t talk about books, ask us about swag ,or even say hello. Just silently stuffed every last one of our best lollies in his pocket then walked away.

IMG_1291 (2)

The almost empty bowl after our visitor left.

On Sunday we did it all again. Only this time we didn’t just sneak away to watch the sword fighters we snagged them for a photo opp as they paraded past us. They come from a group called Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society. We decided it might be in our best interest to watch them fight again… for research purposes.

IMG_1288 (3)

These guys make all their own armour in the club. How cool!

The funniest part of Sunday…

We both had our heads under the table digging in our food stash for some morning tea when someone came up to the table and spoke. I jumped, squealed, and said hi back. Then after our visitor left was still starving so went to grab the banana I’d had. Only I couldn’t find it. An hour later…


Smeared on my butt. Yep, I sat on it.

Overall it was a fun weekend. We managed to sneak into a few panels / workshops, watch the medieval fights, hug Grug, wave to Peppa Pig, and chat to fellow book lovers. We even learned about book tubing. OMG, I want to booktube now. Can that be a new AOR feature?

The highlight of the entire expo was definitely all of the wonderful readers, bloggers, authors, and book industry people that we met. How did you all get to be so lovely? Thanks for a great weekend, Sydney!

IMG_1287 (4)

Stacey Nash and KA Last representing Aussie Owned and Read.

Because the lovely people at Booktopia were giving out freebies, I nabbed some to giveaway to one lucky blog follower. Enter via the rafflecopter link below!

photo (12)

Stuff you could win! Fallen too Far (Abbi Glines) Almost Dead (Kaz Delaney) Swag from Forget Me Not, Remember Me, Immagica, Fall for Me. Also, (not in picture) a Booktopia bag.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stacey NashStacey Nash may have sat on a banana while wearing black jeans, but it’s not her biggest accomplishment. YAY me! She does has a YA book out with HarperCollins Aus, and another book releasing in just three weeks! Eeeep!

To talk about books, bananas, or anything else, catch her at one of these places; website, twitter, facebook, or instagram.


  1. This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for someone to blog about it because I REALLY wanted to go, but couldn’t this year, and I’m super curious what it’s all about. It’s not like BEA in America right, though? *sigh* Epic dream to go there one day. Sounds amazing, though, and glad you guys had a fun time!!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I think it has the potential to be like BEA in America. Because this was the first year, it started off small. There were lots of authors, from self to traditional to digital first, all mingling and talking about their books. Those ranged from picture books through to MG, YA and adult fiction, even some non fiction. There were also publishers and bookshop like Booktopia there. Panels and reading ran throughout the two days and there was plenty for people to see and do. Overall I think it’s an event that will grow every year. 🙂



  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! And a very similar thing happened to me at an event on the Gold Coast in April, young kid snatched a massive handful of my lollipops and ran away! No more lollies from now on! I’ll just put them in the bags of those people good enough to support.
    (All though in all fairness: maybe he was a broke writer like the majority of us and he was stocking up on foods!)



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