Rural romance with Aussie author Fiona Palmer

Today we’ve got the fabulous Aussie rural romance author, Fiona Palmer. Welcome Fiona.

  1. Give us the cheat’s guide to the works of Fiona Palmer. (i.e. tell me about your style of books etc, a bit about you as an author etc)

My style of book always has a strong female lead at its heart. A determined one who’s not weak and timid, but strong and knows what she wants from life. I was a bit of a Tomboy growing up as I raced speedway and preferred being in the shed with my dad than inside the house doing what was considered normal. I wanted to do what the boys did and I guess a lot of that rubs off onto my characters. In writing Jaz, I wrote what I thought would be an awesome girl, one I’d love to be.


  1. What are some of the challenges you find as an Aussie author in an international market?

At the moment, having my YA as an ebook is so much different compared to my rural stories that are in print. My rural ones I see everywhere, in shops, advertised in bookstores and catalogues, where as my YA being an ebook is a lot harder to ‘see’. But I do know that I’ve picked up readers in the USA that my rural books never would have. My style of writing is also very Australian. Being from the country, it’s probably even more so which can make it difficult for overseas readers. But I hope I’m giving them an inside look into an Australian way of life.


  1. You also write rural romance; is it a challenge for you keeping your YA and your adult work separate?

No, not at all. I welcome the change. I love both genre’s, which maybe seem so different but when they have romance and leading ladies at the forefront, maybe not so different. I love to read YA, its always at the top of my list and I love writing Rural as its what I know, live and love.


  1. Strong women feature in your books; what do you think makes a strong leading lady?

I think its having the guts to give something a go. My girls maybe unsure of where they are going in life, feeling lost or might have plenty of heartache but they will make the tough choices, give everything 100% and fight for what they believe in.


  1. Who would you list as your writing inspiration?

In my rural genre it would be Rachael Treasure, who inspired me with her book Jillaroo. And with my YA its Richelle Mead, who’s Vampire Academy sucked me in. Also Abbie Glines The Vincent Boys gets a mention. J


  1. Finally, give us the sell: why will our readers fall for your books?

Because the strong leading girls will have you cheering them on, wishing to be them and wanting the divine men they end up with. You won’t find any helpless Bella Swans in my stories.

Thanks for dropping by today, Fiona!

You can find Fiona online at the following locations:

Website | Amazon | Booktopia

10153983_10154138536485512_6541138840832039677_nThis interview was brought to you by Lauren K. McKellar, who is currently on vacation. (Lucky her!) Lauren is an author, editor and lover of puppies. You can find out more about her at her website, on Facebook or twitter.

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