Aussie Owneders hit Book Expo Australia


This weekend Stacey and I are attending Book Expo Australia. Yay!

Not only do I get to spend an entire weekend with this amazing lady, we get to sell and promote our books as well.

The expo organisers are expecting 10,000 people to walk through the doors over the weekend, which means not only an amazing opportunity for us to get our books into the hands of readers, but to also drum up interest in Aussie Owned and Read.

Plus, all those books! Stacey may have to tie me to the table to stop me from wandering off.

There are 100+ exhibitors attending this event, and throughout both days there will be panels and workshops, entertainment, and even a Guinness world record attempt.

Tickets are only $8.50 for an adult.

If you’re in the Sydney area and want to come and see us, we will be on stand L03.

Details for the event can be found HERE.

We’d love to see you 🙂

I’d like to know if any of you have attended an event like this in the past. Did you enjoy it?


K. A. Last is the YA author of Fall For Me, Sacrifice and Immagica. She drinks lots of tea, is obsessed with Buffy, and loves all things pink. K. A. Last hangs out on Facebook or you can find her on twitter and Goodreads. She’s also been known to blog once in a while. And yes, she has cut all her hair off!


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