Street Teams: what do readers think?

Let’s talk about Street Teams.

I feel like facebook is full of them right now. Every time I turn around another one has popped up in my social media feed, my notifications, or sometimes even in my DMs. Sometimes I get invited and sometimes I’m just added. I’m a member of at least a dozen street teams, and I try to be at least somewhat active in all of them, but the more of them that pop up, the harder that’s becoming. Maybe that’s because I’m an author as well as a reader and I don’t want to flood my social media feed with promotional material. (We all know that’s a sure way to get yourself blocked.) Or maybe it’s because I’m a mum, an author, a publicist, a million other things and there are only so many hours in the day. Either way, I feel guilty when I don’t participate in all of the things for all of the authors. Because I LOVE them and I want to help, I really do.

But sometimes it feels a little bit like this:

GIF source:

With so many street teams around, I’m pondering a couple of things.

  • Are readers tired of street teams or do they still love them?
  • I know most teams have missions and prizes, but do team members actually want those prizes or are members there because they want to interact with the author?
  • Etiquette: Some authors add readers to their teams without consultation. Does this annoy people or is it okay?
  • Also with etiquette, when you’re a member are you expected to take part in the majority of events, and author requests, or is it okay to only participate sometimes?

And I guess all those thoughts led me to the big ones;

  • Are street teams losing their usefulness to authors as readers join more and more?
  • Are teams also losing their usefulness because social media is flooded with promo for so many books?

Technically it’s not poll day, but I’m going to whack a poll in here anyway, because I know a lot of you are shy and won’t leave a comment. As readers, I want to know what you think. Do you love streets teams, hate them, tired of them, or fall somewhere in the middle?

Let’s talk about this!

Stacey Nash (3) Stacey Nash doesn’t have a street team, but she does have a YA book out with HarperCollins Aus, and the second book in the series releases in just five weeks! Eeeep! To talk about that, or anything else, catch her at one of these places; website, twitter, facebook, or pinterest.


    1. Not bad at all. A street team is a term used in marketing to describe a group of people who ‘hit the streets’ promoting a product. Of course, when we’re talking books, it’s usually the internet. 😉



  1. Interesting topic Stacey,
    I am on 1 forum & closed facebook group, for a particularly favourite author of mine. Have been for over 6 years now. There is a street team, but I opted out because I’m the kinda person who takes their responsibilities serious and I would feel like I’d let the team down if I couldn’t fulfil *duties* ahahahah for the want of a better word.

    SO instead I personally promote this author, visit the forum, (we even send Chrissy pressys to each other all over the world) I facebook her books and appearances and use my social media sites to help out as often as I can.

    What this allows me to do is NOT focus only one (or 2) authors but share my limited time around to other FAV/upcoming authors (like you guys here) Go Stacey and Lauren. Whooo Hoooo

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is some writers who join an authors S/T, may think, *if I join the S/T I shall get the same sharing and support.*
    I’m not too sure IF it IS supposed to work that way.
    Afterall the idea is the Original Author wants you to assist in helping get their name and work out there. BUT I guess some piggy backing may occur if both author and team are in sinc!

    Being a writer and reader my time is limited to where I use it wisely and I presume most of us are in the same position.

    Personally I find Street teams probably work best if you have more DEDICATED readers who do not write, only because they may go the way of the BLOG. I know I do not read as many of those as I’d like or I used to and traffic to my own has dimmed over time.
    Maybe that is, like you said Stace, because there are now soooooooo many of them.



    1. Thanks Maryde,
      I think your way is fabulous and how wonderful that you’ve got such a close connection with the author. Good point with the piggybacking. Some teams I’m a member of are more authors than readers, and I’d never really thought of it that way. But some might. And I fully agree that street teams are most effective when they are made up of readers / fans.

      Thanks for your support of Lauren and I too. You’re the best! ❤



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