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Music is a great source of inspiration for writing. Different music can help set a tone, bring on a juicy new scene, or just keep your head in the game. But some people prefer silence. When I read, I don’t play music at all, but when I edit and write, I always have something playing.

So I’m asking you: What do you prefer when writing? If I missed your preference, list is below, and feel free to tell me why you listen to your music.



Katie Teller

Katie Teller is a writer of NA fiction. Her debut, Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh, is now available. You can find out more about Katie, the Kiya trilogy, and her other books on twitterfacebook or at her own blog.


  1. As a musician, I have a varied listening list, but it’s funny. When writing, I prefer to listen to lighter pop selections. Stuff to keep me happy and positive. Most of my novels are kind of lighthearted, but even when I was writing my adult thriller, which had some seriously dark moments through it, I turned to 80’s pop hits.

    Thanks for the post!



  2. I usually work in silence, but if I’m going to have music it can’t have lyrics or I start to sing along and lose my train of thought. I can’t help it! So I chose soundtracks/classical.



  3. I don’t tend to listen to music whilst I write (weirdly, I prefer to have the tv on in the background with some daytime show), but I do have a massive weakness for pop music if I’m trying to chill out.



  4. You guys are so fun!!! It’s funny because I’m still to this day a blaring loud dance music while driving alone girl. It’s soooo teenager of me, and I’m pretty sure I’m going deaf from it, but I love it! Then weirdly enough, I’ll switch to something like Gregorian Chants… those pop remix ones. Yeah I’m all over the shop.
    But while I write, I have a spotify playlist of movie soundtracks because I’m a “retired” singer, so if there’s lyrics, I’m lost in that song, baby.



  5. All of the above. I often say I will read anything that looks like a book and music is kind of the same for me I will listen to anything that sounds like music*. It really depends on what I am writing at the time. I have several play lists for different moods which include both with and without lyrics. I don’t have the music blaring when I write though. I have it set much lower so it is just background ambiance.

    * This opinion is changing lately or I am getting old because I listen to the Top 40 less and less these days. Soon I will be on my front porch waving my walking stick at the kids across the road yelling at them to “turn that rubbish pretending to be music off” I am sure.

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