Writing Superheroes


There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child.

The same can be said of what it takes for a story to go from concept to being available on the shelf (real or virtual) to purchase. But instead of a village, I like to think of them as a team of superheroes.

Dreamer Girl (or Dreamer Guy)

The writer. The one whose imagination is running wild with ideas until the point where the story has to get out of her head and into her laptop. She often has to change in a phone booth out of her secret identity/day job clothes.


The cheerleader and motivator for Dreamer Girl, helping her in times of doubt and when she’s just too lazy to save the writing world. Comes in to battle particularly to help Dreamer Girl fight the villain Writers Block.


Super CPs

They are Dreamer Girl’s peers, fellow superheroes often aiming for the same victory. They inspire Dreamer Girl and they are her most trusted superhero writer friends. Will be by Dream Girl’s side when she faces the villain Self Doubt. 

Team Beta

The group of writers who come in to strengthen Dreamer Girl’s writing after she’s depleted her creative powers on a story battle. They don’t have a problem with giving Dreamer Girl the hard truths about her fighting styles. They may have only recently met Dreamer Girl social writing superhero hangouts like Facebook and Twitter, but they share the same belief in the writers superheroes code. Will help Dreamer Girl fight the sometimes invisible villain: Plot Holes. 

The Caped Agent 

The tough, powerful guide and mentor for Dreamer Girl. Not every writer superhero needs a caped agent, but the ones that do value how the agent joins them in the publication battle. The Caped Agent helps Dreamer Girl find her secret cave where her manuscript will meet Editor Extraordinaire.


Editor Extraordinaire and side-kick Associate Extraordinaire  

Plays a similar role to The Caped Agent, but is more focused on Dreamer Girl’s technical fighting styles for storytelling. Can be a professional superhero, freelance superhero or volunteer superhero. Focuses on the bigger parts of the battle, while sending out Associate on the finer points. Sometimes Extraordinaire fulfils both these roles.

The Fluffy Publicist*

Often this superhero’s powers are underestimated, but Dreamer Girl recognises the importance to have Fluff as part of her team. Sometimes Dreamer Girl hides a second secret identity and is Fluff as well. She helps Dreamer Girl negotiate through online mazes after publication.

The Team

This group of superheroes came together depending on what stage of the battle they are at and who the villain is that they are facing.

Sometimes you are Dreamer Girl (Guy), sometimes you are Alpharina, sometimes you are a Super CP or a member of Team Beta.

Not all Dreamer Girls decide to have The Caped Agent, Editor Extraordinaire and Associate Extraordinaire on their team. Writing Superhero teams are diverse and suit the needs of the Dreamer Girl.

Who are the super heroes on your team? Do you have any that I missed? What other writing process villains do you face that super heroes help you with?

If you haven’t got a writing superhero group, it’s time for you to form your team…Black Widow said so.


*Please note no offence is meant with use of the word fluff. I’m poking a bit of fun at myself here as I work in PR as my day job and have been called Fluff before.

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