The Hunger Games vs. Divergent

One of my all time favourite YA and NA genres is the Dystopian. It’s a love/hate thing. You either absolutely frickin’ love them, or you downright abhor them. I’m definitely on the love side of the fence here. I don’t know what it is about them, but I search them out in the bookshops, the library and on amazon. I’ve read so many of them and, in my humble opinion, there are two dystopian series that stand out the most for me (and from the title of this post you can see what’s coming)…

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


The Divergent series by Veronica Roth


They are both such different Dystopian worlds, one forcing young people to fight to the death in horrible manufactured games to entertain the masses, the other forcing young people to choose how they want to live out the rest of their lives. In both, however, there is the ultimate bad guy/girl that wants to rule over everyone the way that pleases them and for their own benefit. Now, this post is a poll post, which means, I’m gonna make you choose your favourite of the two series…I know, you can throw things at me now, but I really want to know which series you prefer and why. So, vote in the poll and then leave a comment about why you picked what you did.

Now, I’m gonna go and hide somewhere until the heat that I’ve caused from making you choose settles down a bit. *scurries away and hides under a camp chair*


Suse is a wife and mother, mad-keen reader and wannabe author. She is currently freezing her backside off in chilly Chinchilla while keeping her hubby company while he works away from home…at least there is a fire every night (seriously, I’ve never been so cold before).


  1. The Hunger Games hands down!

    What about Legend, Prodigy, & Champion by Marie Lu? Have you read / liked them? I prefer this trilogy than Divergent though still loved The Hunger Games 🙂



  2. Divergent was the first dystopian YA that I had ever read and it blew me away. It was far more exciting than The Handmaid’s Tale, 1984 and Brave New World which until that point, had been my only experience with dystopia. I’m not overly enthused by the ending of either the HG or Divergent series but regardless, both series are still excellent.



  3. I love spec fiction/ dystopian worlds too. I LOVED The Hunger Games, and plan to read the Divergent series ( but haven’t yet.) So cannot vote in above poll 😦
    Don’t really understand the anti- spec fiction group in that this genre is simply another peep into fascinating worlds that are familiar yet futuristic warning us what could happen down the track. Award-winning Margaret Atwood writes spec fiction for adults and she notes that many of her ideas/ plots that seem outlandish she’s actually got from contemporary life; or some of her fictitious events have ended up coming true.



  4. I LOVED The Hunger Games series and plan to read Divergent but haven’t yet. So, can’t vote in poll 😦

    Don’t really understand vehemence of anti-spec fiction people – isn’t this genre just a fascinating peep into futuristic worlds that are often familiar and warn us what may be, down the track?
    I think as a writer it’s a gift as we can create a world and make up our own characters and rules – what power!



  5. The Hunger Games definitely. I know now that a couple people were displeased with MockingJay but I was displeased with Allegiant a lot more. There’s only one thing that happened in Mockingjay that I found unnecessary and pointless and I hated it, while with Allegiant, I just didn’t really like it that much



  6. Disclaimer: I never finished Divergent…OMG slap me know.

    I loved The Hunger Games. But them again I love me some dystopian anything. Except Divergent. I tried to give it a but for some reason I kept getting distracted. And I can’t exactly tell you why either. I’d pick it up and go right this time I am going to read this goddamn book to the end and then my brain was like “yeah sure girl let’s do this – oh shiny!” *head desk*

    So my vote is kind of unfair because I haven’t actually read one of the series up for vote but based on the fact that I haven’t managed to finish the first book in said series I think that my vote is fair. *end ramble*



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