Interview: L.L. Hunter

This week we’re interviewing the lovely L.L. Hunter, author of ten–TEN–fabulous books that range from fantastical to real-life. 

I’m lucky enough to live quite near Ms. Hunter, and have to say she’s one of the nicest author people around, as well as being exceptionally talented. Yep, some people just get all the luck! 

Welcome, L.L. Hunter, and thanks for joining us at Aussie Owned & Read.

ll hunterAOR: Give us the cheat’s guide to the works of L.L. Hunter.

LLH: I write everything from NA romantic suspense to YA paranormal romance and dystopian fiction. I often write in third person but will sometimes write in first, and even first person split POV.

When I’m not writing I’m snuggling with my ‘fur babies’ and reading and/ or ingesting coffee.



AOR: What are some of the challenges you find as an Aussie author in an international market?

LLH: There are not really many challenges aside from the fact that I am Aussie and tend to use a lot more Aussie slang than I realise. My editor hates me for it, but gives me advice on what words to use or not use when writing in US English. For example, I didn’t know Americans don’t use terms of endearment such as Darl. Darl is apparently Aussie.


10547590_10204216873081909_8986199037676717599_nAOR: You’re a self- published author; explain to us why you’ve chosen to go down this route.

LLH: Before I published anything, even before I finished my first book, I researched. I researched everything from marketing, to self publishing vs traditional publishing. I went to a marketing seminar and learned some secrets and insights into the traditional publishing world that opened my eyes. Then I published my first book in 2012.

Two years ago I didn’t have all the knowledge or the contacts I do now and was incredibly naïve. I got burned because of it. I submitted my manuscript to a vanity publisher (a so- called self publishing company that charge you ridiculous fees). I got out of there, then as I was debating what to do with this book, I came across an ad for a literary agent. Again, me being incredibly naïve, submitted my manuscript without researching and asking what they would do for me. 4 months later I got accepted. What they didn’t say in the contract I was made to sign, was that they wouldn’t pay for any marketing. I would have to pay for it out of my own pocket. Yet they promised connections to the big 6 and my book in print in bookstores around the world. My sales plummeted and I got dropped. They blamed me. I was furious.

After a good cry and a few glasses of wine later, I decided to pull my book and get my rights back. It was the best decision I ever made. From now on I will be remaining completely independent.


AOR:  Some of your stories involve the fantastical; think angels, Nephilim and more! What fascinates you about the other-wordly?

LLH: I am completely fascinated with superpowers and magical abilities. I love the fact that I can let loose my creativity and be as crazy as I want. Something that is hard to do with contemporary romance.


AOR: Who would you list as your writing inspiration?

LLH: My friends and family inspire me the most, as well as some of my favourite authors. My faith is also a huge part of who I am and the main inspiration for my Nephilim.


AOR:  Finally, give us the sell: why will our readers fall for your books?

LLH: I think there is something to appeals to everyone in my books. I like to write for all ages. Young readers will love and relate to Eden and Asher in The Eden Chronicles (The Garden of Eden is the first in the series), and Pym and Rush in The Aqua Secret. Readers who are looking for a bit more steam should probably check out First Glance or Treacherous.

Treacherous is probably the most sexy book I have written, but all my other books, my Legend of the Archangel series for example, are sexy, but not graphic so would be suitable for readers 15 and up.

Find out more about L.L. Hunter’s books by visiting her Goodreads or Amazon author page.

Lauren (3)

Lauren K. McKellar is an author and editor of many things. She also likes cuddling her fur babies. It’s no wonder she like L.L. Hunter so much.


  1. Some great advice there. i also thought the slang part was apt as I litter my writing with Aussie slang ( not deliberate thought, I’m just too colloquial or maybe just illiterate!)



  2. It’s always interesting to chart another writer’s journey and read what inspires them. Also, to understand L.L.Hunter’s indie publishing choices after being exploited by agents etc. I plan to look up some of her books now!



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