Pitcharama: The Round Up

Well, all the fun and festivity of Pitcharama is now over for another year. We were so honoured and excited to once more have the opportunity to showcase some awesome new writers of Young and New Adult books to publishers — and with a high level of success!


Here’s our request tally.

One Request

Sketchy Moments, Chemicals Collide, Knocked Off Balance, Music Man, Heritage Blade, The Heir of Windwoen, Collision, Boom, Jessica Marco Pi and Standing Up and Standing Out

Two Requests

Gripped, The Sidewalk’s Regrets, Chasing Eveline, The Grave Clothes Laundress, The Heart Song, Acne, Asthma & Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon, The Last Whisperer, Death Callers, Life Set Sail and Let Her Go

Three Requests

Plan B and His Game Her Rules

Four Requests

The Imperfect Try

Five Requests

Life Without Clouds, Remember and Waters of Oblivion

That means that Pitcharama has let 26 manuscripts be seen by a bunch of top quality independent publishers, with 55 requests made in total!

We’ll be sure to keep you posted of our success stories and let you know about future pitch competitions coming up.

A huge thank you needs to be extended to all the publishers and editors who participated in Pitcharama, as well as the wonderful authors who put themselves out there. Well done, everyone, and GOOD LUCK!

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