#16 Heritage Blade – YA

Title: Heritage Blade

Category: YA

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 85,000


Sixteen-year-old Jay is the most lethal secret walking the streets of Chicago. Trained to hunt rogue Pandorans—supernatural beings who cross into this world through Pandora’s Box—he’s making a name for himself as the boy who smells of blood and magic. But people like Jay, known as Sentinels, are only good at what they do so long as no one knows they do it.

The Sentinels have kept to the shadows for millennia, so when Jay inadvertently reveals himself while rescuing a damsel faking distress, his superiors threaten to toss him down a dark hole for the rest of his life. On top of that suck salad, someone or something has put a bounty on the magical property in his blood. Left to deal handle things on his own, he’s surprised when the girl who started this mess wants to help. Few things go down in this town without her hearing about it, and it’s the least she can do after drawing him into her shenanigans.

Together, with the help of a mystic bookseller with a Southern drawl, and a Pandoran princess with a love of fast cars, they shake down the city’s supernatural underbelly. Every kicked-in door paints a clearer picture of a conspiracy involving the last person he expected: his dead mother. The Sentinels lied to him, about her, about everything. He’s not one of them, but they need him and his blood. To find out why, he’ll turn against the only family he’s ever known.

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