#22 Death Callers – YA

Title: Death Callers

Category: YA

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Word Count: 51,000


Having the knowledge that someone is going to die isn’t that hard to deal with; it’s the trying to save them part that is so damn hard.

Not only is eighteen year-old Aislin Gray a banshee, but she’s going through one of the worst experiences she could ever have dreamed of; having premonitions of her true love’s death. She had her heart broken once when Kaelin, the human she loved, left her long ago. Now he’s back and she’s torn between her love for him and her fear for his life as she tries to push him away with each new vision of his death.

Instead of watching from the sidelines as the nature of her being requires, she breaks all the rules when she decides to fight for Kaelin’s life.  With each decision that Aislin makes in her fight to save Kaelin, the visions alter. Growing more and more desperate to save him she inadvertently reveals her non-human world to him.

Now the lawmakers of the paranormal world, the Court, are out for their blood. The existence of their world has been revealed to a human and they will stop at nothing to ensure their world remains hidden, including murder. Aislin no longer cares for the Court’s rules. The only thing on her mind is keeping Kaelin alive no matter what, and if that means a supernatural war, then bring it on



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