#13 Álfar – YA

Title: Álfar

Age Category: YA

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Word count: 63,000

When you tell your best friend the reason a dozen fire imps are melting his car is that you’re an Elven prince and they’re really after you, he may not take it that well. I’d like to say that situations like this are normal for me, but while I’m used to being around magical beings––my bodyguards are a Valkyrie and a Sprite––being an assassination target is definitely a new experience.

I just wanted to get through my last year of high school and, hopefully, get Angela to dump her jerk boyfriend and go out with me. Now, I’ve got to deal with imps, minotaurs, harpies, oh, and did I mention Dark-Elves that were stripped of their immortality and banished to Earth by my mom five thousand years ago. How are they still alive?

What’s worse is, I’m supposed to be enjoying this. Really? It’s the Elven way: celebrate life even in the face of death. It’s apparently the only way to unlock my true skills and magic. And, since we’re cut off from any help from the Fairy realm, it may be my only hope of getting through all this alive. If that’s true, I’m in trouble.

Álfar (the original word for Elves) is a 63,000 word Young Adult Urban Fantasy, featuring a multicultural cast, and filled with action, comedy, and romance


  1. Hi! I’m an editor with Curiosity Quills Press, and we specialize in speculative fiction from YA on up. I would love to see more of Alfar- your query really grabbed me, and Fae ficton is on my wishlist right now. If you’re interested, please send me the first three chapters to vicki@curiosityquills.com and best of luck!



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