#9 Lucky Girl – YA

Title: Lucky Girl

Category: YA

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 75,000

Eighteen-year-old Mallory has lotto fever. With her family falling apart, the only bright spot left in her life is her boyfriend—until she catches his lips attached to another girl’s at the end-of-summer party. So when she discovers a mini mart famous for selling winning lottery tickets, Mallory sees a ticket to happiness and joins the crowd of dreamers.

Mallory develops lottery fever instantly as recurring trips to the mini mart gift her with visions of the joy that she and her family so desperately need. But while she waits for her jackpot dreams to come true, her real life worsens. Mallory can no longer keep up with her wealthy friends as her parents’ unemployment woes continue. If she doesn’t find her luck soon, her parents could lose the house, Mallory could lose her college dreams, and the distance with her friends could become permanent.

However, amidst all the sadness is a growing friendship with Adrian Lopez, the tough yet totally hot transfer student with his own family struggles. Despite running in different crowds, Adrian becomes the one person Mallory can confide in, and their budding relationship is just the thing she needs to help her discover real luck.

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